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Hi! I have been on Lexapro for near 4 months. At first everything was ok. Then I started getting my major anxiety/panic attacks. Told my dr & he wants me to take 2 10 mg Lexapro tabs, but im scared to because I am also on Adipex, Xanax, seizure meds, & Ambian to sleep. I am terrified that all these pills are going to not mix well & cause me a stroke or heart attack. My anxiety starts making me tense in my shoulders, then one side of my head pulsates, then I start feeling like I cant breath or swallow, & then the severe panic sets in & then I have heart palpitations & my heart starts racing & it takes me at least an hr to recover from a panic attack! Gosh it is the scariest feeling in the world. It feels like a stroke or heart attack so I usually am in a major panic that i rush to the hospital & beg for oxygen. But here lately when I feel one coming on, I take 1/2 a bar of Xanax & eventually it fades before it gets bad. Anxiety for me comes around the same time every day which is around 2pm. Lexapro has helped a little, but the anxiety could also be coming from my seizure meds & the incredible amount of stress dealing with a 5 yr old autistic boy & a 2 yr old boy who is going through the terrible twos! Good luck! Need to take it for 2 weeks for it to be fully absorbed & you;ll start noticing a difference. After that if you dont feel less depressed, I would consider a change.:wave:

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