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It started maybe 2 years ago....everytime i would go out in public especially out to a restaurant to eat i would get this feeling that it was hard to breathe and i would get lightheaded and feel like i was going to pass out. constantly i would be reassuring myself i was ok and would take several trips to the bathroom just to get away and calm myself down. this went on for a couple years and i never noticed it get any better or worse. last month when i was at work i felt fine and 2 seconds later i felt like i was going to pass out. i sat down and it became hard to breathe. my vision went completely white. my heart rate was through the roof. my hands/arms and face especially around my mouth went numb and i couldnt control my hands. i was pouring out sweat and was gasping for air. well, i never totally passed out because the paramedics got to me in time. I still do not understand why this happened to was a normal day, it wasnt busy, i didnt even feel anxious. I was diagnosed with hyperventilation syndrome with anxiety. ever since that very day i literally can not step a foot outside of my house. CONSTANTLY i have it on my mind and through out my whole day i am reassuring myself in my head that i am ok and not to freak out that i freak out and it starts happening again!! hitting a red light while driving is the worst because i feel trapped like i cant go anywhere :mad: i never go out anymore because im scared its going to happen again. If anybody has had a similar experience can you PLLLLLEEEAAASE tell me how you delt with it and if it does get better? i need to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

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