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First off, I'd like to say I'm new here, sooo, Hi!

Now, I have some concerns with myself, and I'm about to write out a little short synopsis for you all.

Starting ever since I can remember (which is to about pre-school), I have had generalized anxiety, and a kind of social anxiety, where if I were to be in a public place I would start to panic; a giant knot in my throat, racing pulse, heart pounding out of my chest feeling,churning of stomach, body goes tingly, light headed, stomach pains, and tremors. Now I moved schools a lot when I was younger, and that definitely did not help at all. I really have no idea when, but eventually it had dissipated, and I had not noticed until now. It's like that part of my life was completely blanked out. I would say around 8th grade I calmed down, but I cannot be for sure. I've just graduated high school this year, and for the past few months, every now and again in social situations, I start to have tremors, my body gets tingly again, I get light headed, and some times stomach pains, but my mind is not in a panic or scared state, the social situation could just be me with a small group of my friends, or it could be at a large party.
When I was little, nothing was done about my anxieties, I just thought it was natural/normal to be that scared/frightened.

(To note, through my childhood I was abused up until 5th grade, and since 8th grade middle school, I have led a seemingly normal and average life, friends, girl friends, etc. It's like my problems just took a break)

For starters, it boggles me how for so long I had no idea I had that much anxiety.
Now, since I can't even remember as to when my anxiety was toned down, it shows I did not actively conquer the anxieties I had, but rather they gradually receded on their own, or I some how repressed them.
Since for a while now I've been having these tremors, tingly body, etc. I'm starting to think I some how repressed my anxieties, and they now effect me, and I feel and worry they may come back full-blown, or increase with severity.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone has heard of anything like this happening, or if anyone has any tips or advice for me.


Thanks for your time everyone, I look forward to reading your replies.

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