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There must be something about coming out of the sleep-state, but I've noticed 80% of my anxiety occurs while lying in bed in the morning, when coming out of sleep/dreams. Whatever I'm having anxiety about in real life suddenly pops into my head (as if I suddenly "remembered" it), along with a few other things. (For example, now I'm thinking of what it'd be like to be in an airplane that crashes.) The anxiety can be VERY bad within *seconds* of waking.

However, after I get out of bed and start doing things, the anxiety is 90% gone.

Does anyone have any tips on what I can do about this?

It almost feels like an automatic reaction lately-- oh, the alarm clock is going off, anxiety thoughts must appear NOW.

I know you're going to say, get out of bed and start doing things! But I'd rather figure out how to retrain my brain....

If it helps, I take 10 mg Lexapro each night, but this problem began before I started Lexapro. The Lexapro keeps me from feeling depressed, but now that I'm not depressed, I realize I've always had anxiety along with depression that I just didn't recognize, because I was focused on the depression...

Well if anyone else has dealt with this morning-anxiety, please let me know anything that helps you, and I'll try some thought-experiments out and let you know :)

PS: When I remember dreams, they are almost ALWAYS anxiety dreams, if anyone has any thoughts on that.
PSS: The jaw/neck tension I have during the day that I mentioned in an earlier post is fairly under control as long as I am conciously aware of it and make a purposeful effort to relax...

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