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[QUOTE=hyper79;4003991]Hi,thanks I know what you mean about lasting for weeks,kinda like a low level super anxious feeling that's 24/7,I get those often.Sucks!!!![/QUOTE]

I have BP II, Major Depressive Disorder, and Anxiety and Panic Disorder as well. I am on Lamictal, as a mood stablizer, but it helped (it took a while to get to theraputic dose though)almost completely stop my anxiety going into full blown panic. Also, I have been learning about Bipolar II being closely related to Anxiety...the "wired but tired" (hypomanic/rapid cycling) experience as appose to the Euphoric Mania in Bipolar I. I am reading a book on Bipolar called "The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide" by David J. Miklowitz, PhD. It's been a tremendous help (3/4 of the way done). There are different ways to treat anxiety/panic with those of us that suffer from Bipolar as well. When you said..."kinda like a low level super anxious feeling that's 24/7"...a bell went off in my head. That's the Hypomania- "tired but wired" thing we experience with II. I suggest getting the book, maybe it would help.

Anxiety/Panic is AWFUL; I wish you the best. Perhaps realizing that the anxiety is part of the Bipolar II might help in the way you go about helping yourself or getting help. Maybe it needs to be discussed with your Psychiatrist and treated as a increase in hypomanic symptoms and maybe an increase of your mood stablizer or change in meds is in order. Hope this might help.

For some reason the mood stabilizers have a adverse effect on me,I actually feel worse including Lamictal and depakote "more depressed".I had great results after years of trial and error on different meds with Prozac but developed hives and constant palpitations which stopped when I quit the med.I saw my therapist today and I asked about the new ad's on the market and she said she would talk to him about it which I know ad's alone are not great for some with PB disorder not sure though in my case considering I have not had a manic episode.Actually maybe I should give Lamictal another try because I suppose to be on it now but quit it on my own ,it's just a starting dose of 25mg twice a day,I did make it to 100mg a day last year but my depression got way to bad but I was not on a ad while taking it.I'll be sure to check the book out,I'm always game for reading

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