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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to write this to see if anyone else is completely fed up with constant anxiety? I swear it is to the point now where I'm not even stressed or thinking about anything that would stress me to have anxiety or its symptoms and wham out of the blue comes all the symptoms.
I am to the point where i am over it I'm ready to move on and enjoy my life again . It seems like all i do is obsess over my health and my body i have little time for anything else.

If i am out and about doing something normal and start feeling anxious i stop what i am doing and get home as quickly as i can to get on my computer to either come to this site or look up anxiety and its symptoms on other sites. I am so tired just exhausted, my nerves are shot I'm always on edge.

It's amazing the power of the brain and your own thought process can do to ones self. I know its all about positive thinking and redirecting your thoughts to a positive one if you do get a negative one but that is easier said than done.

I was just wondering if people with similar issues could share it and also write what they do to help themselves when anxiety is high... i thank everyone who comments and wish nobody had to deal with this :) because it is a nightmare.
I'm feeling the same at the moment, I'm just constantly panicing, coming on here and stressin out even more, just when I think I'm gettin over it then wham it hits me again, I have been panicing for the last 3 hours and I'm afraid to get up off the sofa to go to the toilet, I'm frozen here to the seat slowly going out of my mind. Reading your post has really helped me get some objection though thanks.
I am right there with all of you! I never use to be this way but over the past several years, I have been experiencing more and more anxiety and OCD. I find things to obsess about. Currently I have a new neighbor with 2 young kids. I am obsessing about the kids doing terrible things to my house, fence, property, etc. Although I have no reason to think that they would, I still have a fear of this and kids in general...especially boys. I have a lot of trouble with conflict and confrontation so I would assume some of my fear stems from the idea of having to confront not only the kids but their parents (who are the kind of parents who are very liberal and easy going with their children). I'm tired of worrying, being exhausted during the day but being unable to sleep at night. It is a never ending circle of frustration and worry. I'm going to therapy and I'm on medication but I still feel like crap. If any of you find help let me know.
I have not been able to drive in over 3 years due to anxiety / OCD. I'm on meds and have been to therapists, but I cant get past my fear of it. I used to drive everywhere...downtown, to school, etc... One day, this horrible driving anxiety kicked in and I havent driven since.

There are some factors behind it...I live in an area with bad winter weather, I don't live super close to my work, but my real reason is that I have a real problem doing things where I cant control the outcome. While I can control my driving, I cant control the others on the road and that really freaks me out. There are other things I have much difficulty with due to my freaking out about not controlling things.
I am so sick of it. I don't know what to do anymore. I am currently trying to find a therapist to go to to help me. I have struggled with anxiety on and off for years. At the beginning it was anxiety about sleeping and falling asleep. I got over that somehow. It kind of just went away on its own. I have always also had a fear for going far places without my parents, so I would never go on vacations/trips with friends. That bothered me, but I could still live a pretty normal life. Recently, though, it is driving me crazy. I started getting paranoid with other people giving me rides because I do not have the control to come back home whenever I like, which I have NEVER had before. I've also made my own thread about my most recent situation, which is driving me absolutely crazy. I've been feeling horrible for 5 days straight and am so scared that I will never be able to go back to normal again or relax again.
hey anxiety is tricky it hits you when you least expect it its important that people with anxiety stick together to help eachother out because it is usually as easy as feeling reasured to feel a bit better i think people that have anxiety in a way are stronger than people who dont right? i mean look at what we go through and deal with on a day to day basis but i am happy to say my nearly 5 month straight daily anxiety attacks have let up just as quick as they come they go away its crazy after typing this post i thought to myself im done being afraid of the unknown everyday i cant live like this i think the trick is just facing the fears you have like me i was always scared about my health always scared of dying from some horrible disease or a brain tumor but you cant let fear control your life now im not saying i will never have anxiety again i may have it tommrow but i know this when it comes im not going to fuel its fire..i pray for everyone who goes through it i know how it is it is absolutly awful and beleive everyone can get through it good luck to everyone :)
I HATE anxiety... I have had it my whole life and it's just getting really worse now that I am 23 and life is getting more serious.. more things to worry about and I worry about things that I shouldn't even worry about... I worry about that same stuff armnaigurl, health problems, dieing, weird dieseases.. That's only the begining too.. I don't even know where to start really.. A lot of the times I have butterflies in my stomach for NO REASON.. I can't think of any reason to be nervous but I STILL AM.. it's permantly with me I feel like. I take 75 MG of effexor at the moment and that's it.. I managed to stop my wellbutrin for depression but I think I might need something again for it..
I love going on this site all the time and reading everyones anxiety and depression problems because it makes me feel at home and there is other people out there that are just like you struggling everyday.. Keep strong people I'll try to post more often here.
Hi there. Wow can I relate. I have had this problem for 1 1/2 and I used to do the same thing as you. Have an attack somewhere come home and search the internet. It sucks and it is so scary. I get them out of the blue as well. Everyone I seem to talk to have reasons. I can 't figure mine out. Well I hope things get better for you. It has been a good couple of months for me so I hope I can enjoy summer vacation with my kids. take care
Hi guys, I really feel for you all! I used to have panic attacks/anxiety for a long time. So sorry to hear you guys are suffering so much. I figured I would put down what helped me since I found out all of this was due to food allergies! It all went away completely after going on a gluten-free diet. Also getting my hormones checked helped a lot and got me back to normal again. I really hope this helps someone else who has this problem.
hey care berry thats really great to hear. I believe that you are what you eat in the way of if you eat a big mac from McDonald's opposed to a salad or fruit chances are you are going to feel better emotionally and physically if you choose the healthier choice. Me personally cant eat McDonald's even if i wanted to it sends me into a full blown panic attack so i stay away from nasty foods. I wish you all of my luck its really good to hear people like you that are getting through it and i also think for females hormones have a big impact on depression and anxiety and the way that we feel so it is important for us to make sure everything in that department is all in balance. Thanks for posting your advice have a great day.
[QUOTE=erika74;4007434]Hi there. Wow can I relate. I have had this problem for 1 1/2 and I used to do the same thing as you. Have an attack somewhere come home and search the internet. It sucks and it is so scary. I get them out of the blue as well. Everyone I seem to talk to have reasons. I can 't figure mine out. Well I hope things get better for you. It has been a good couple of months for me so I hope I can enjoy summer vacation with my kids. take care[/QUOTE]

I know how you feel. A lot of people cant figure out where there's comes from i being one of them. Sometimes i could think back and think about what triggered it but most of the time had no idea. It's because are minds get so used to being anxious we don't need a reason after being anxious for so long. It is like are brains are in habit of making us anxious lol in a way just like when we are sad for a period of time the chemicals in the brain change and we become depressed. Same with having anxiety thats what the brain is used to and therefore we don't have to have a reason anymore to get anxiety. I believe that it really is what we are thinking about one negative thought even if it is so small can snowball into something huge. Always try to beware of your thought process, i know easier said than done. It takes commitment, every time you think negative replace that with a positive thought you have to retrain your brain. I know how you are feeling, but be strong you can get through this we all can ... also i found these books very helpful i would advise anyone who is having troubles with depression anxiety etc because i believe they do go hand in hand you cant have one without the other. Here are the book titles i found all of mine at barnes & noble. Mind over mood change how you feel by changing the way you think authors Dennis greenberger,PhD and Christine A.PADESKY,PHD also Emotional freedom author Judith Orloff and also depression for Dummies...Anxiety for Dummies and Cognitive behavior for Dummies all awesome choices the first one i listed is good to because it is a workbook i hope i could help good luck have a great day ;)

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