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it usually happends at night when im trying to fall asleep i start getting nervous and then it happens my heart feels like is going to come out of my chest extreamlly fast can feel it all over my body what can i do to make it stop is it dangerous?
hey! you are definitely not alone. I used to get this on a nightly basis.
sometimes I get woken up at night too.
I try to be all natural but it got the best of me My doctor prescribe me .5 of clonazapam(klonapin) I take half of one about 45 minutes before I go to bed and I sleep great and wake up feeling even better... I sometimes dont take one at night and take half in the morning and im good all day long.

I also found that lavender scented cream helps as well. I dont know where you live but we have whats called a body shop and it's called "sleep well" cream or "rescue cream" it works unbelievably!!!
also having some sort of noise..ipod, fan, window open helps me alot too..
I hope you feel better soon.. but you are not alone..and it is certainly not dangerous.
I am a hypochondriac which is the main source of my panic and my #1 fear is heart attack ( im 21, very fit and eat very healthy, dont drink or do drugs) and my fiance always puts it in this way . . . . .

If your heart is beating really fast, thats a good thing because your heart is a muscle and that means its strong...

also.. a good book that helped me is "anxiety and phobia workbook" I would reccomend it to anyone

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