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This is getting out of hand. I have been having these problems for a few months now after hearing really bad news. I have a lot on my plate right now and I constantley have anxiety all day long. I also cant seem to shake the need to take a deep breath every few seconds and most time it doesnt feel very satisfing which makes me dizzy. I have to turn and twist move my legs a certain way just to get a deep breath. I wish I could just make it go away. I cant seem to distract my mind off the of it so it stays almost all day. Only when I am sleeping does it not bother me and when I wake up in the morning. My hands and feet are always clammy and I feel like I have a lot of nervous energy. About once a day this will kick off a full blown panic attack with racing heart and worst breathing. What do you think I can do about this? My finacial life is really bad right now and I cant stop worrying about that and it doesnt look like anything good will be happening in the near future. So that stays on my mind and makes it all so bad.
Does anyone else have this breathing issue with there anxiety?
Yes, this is how I found out I had anxiety. It's terrifying, I know. But now that I am being treated with meds, I rarely experience this.

Believe me, I know about financial problems (heck, sometimes they cause the anxiety), but please see a professional about this, if you aren't already.
Hopefully you can afford to go to a doctor.... tell him/her your story of anxiety. It sounds like a you might just need a minor tranquilizer to help you through your days/nights. I understand totally the anxiety you feel and you need to a 'break'. good luck.
Yes sometimes I have to yawn about 2 times before i can take a deep breath. its scarry. But its due to anxiety.
Hi I have been yawning quite a bit the past 5 days or so. I wen to the ER and took xrays and EKG everythin was fine. You know waht it was ANXIETY... I hate Anxiety. I'm on meds but he said that Something is really bothering me that's why i'm so anxious. So i guess that YOUR not alone. Never alone, look up anxiety symptoms and read thru them... there is so much there. I know the feeling friend and if you ever want to talk i'm here.
when i took seroquel i was yawning almost every 5 minutes. it was annoying and then even made me worry. but once i stopped seroquel i stopped yawning. i found out it was not related to anxiety itself but just reaction on medication. i read also that people yawning because there is not enough oxygen goes to the brain. it is like people's ventilation system to give oxygen and cool the brain...
Have you tried cardio exercise? I walk about 30 minutes per day and it seams to take the edge off. I still have similar symptoms and financial situation as you but doing this has taken the panic attacks away at least.
Been there done it and ought the tshirt many times on this SOB thing....

I got really bad a cuple f yrs back and ive been on Prozac since, i have improved quite a bit, but it hasnt completely gone, i halved my dosage and it go tworse, im about to fly ( i get into a state at flying) so ive gone back to my original dosage and am starting to feel a little calmer, but sometimes i still have to take a valium to take the edge of my inability to take in a full breath, that usually calms me, but sometimes even that doesnt help. I hate it and im living with it daily and i want it to go away. Im not sure it ever will though :(
Yes I have tried cardio and was walking about 2 miles a day. This did not help because I get scared going out and away from home now. So I would end up having aniety attacks while walking and away from home which is extra scary. I think I am starting to get agrophobic to make matters worse. I get very scared to leave the home by myself or go to the store. I need to go see the Dr about this but I have been putting it off because I am scared to leave the house to see the Dr. The SOB thing is with me all day until after dinner then I get a break from it for the rest of the night. Maybe a sense of relief that the days over I dont know.

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