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PLEASE :[ I have to cry myself to sleep every night just to get so tired that I'm forced to fall asleep or else I'm over actively thinking about everything that could be wrong with me or thinking about how life will be for the rest of my life with this. I'm only 18 years old and I'm scared to take any medicine.
My worst fear, which makes my anxiety so much worse, is that I'm looking past all these symptoms just writing them off as anxiety when they may be something serious. My symptoms are:

-dizzy spells
-hot flashes
-body tingles
-body pricks. Not really needle pricks but sudden feelings of awareness in a certain area, feels kind of like a worm moving through for a split second. Happens in my arms and fingers and legs and toes.
-visions seems cloudy.
-extreme neck tension right at the base of my head which gives me headaches everyday
-I'm always aware of my heart and can constantly feel it if I'm thinking about it.
-Extreme body shaking and twitching. Mostly when I go to sleep or am sitting still. I do notice that I have a constant very small shake when I'm working.
-head pains. May be due to sinuses because my ears have been clogged for awhile and I have pressure under my eyes and around my temple, hasn't been diagnosed as sinus problems though.

Probably a few more but those are the most severe.
Please help me. Something needs to change. And I am going to make a doctors appointment I just want some input so don't just say go to the doctors please.

Please please please give me input

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