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I have had anxiety/panic disorder and depression since I was about 4 years old. (Am 41) Have been on every antidepressant, always caused problems with weight gain and other side effects. Am only on Klonipin and had two bouts of bronchitis starting in February of 2009. Have improved greatly, but every now and again, I hear a strange sound in my upper chest upon inhaling deeply, usually once, goes away and does not effect breathing. Sometimes it sounds like a wheeze (I have heard what they sound like, at least I think, experienced a few during first and second bout of bronchitis) others just like a passing congestion. It scares me to death. Ironically part of my panic attack is feeling like I can't breathe, but this never happens when I have this strange thing happen. It is interesting to note that I do get a nervous cough which I have had most of my life, and this sometimes does bring slight congestion but not something I hear. I am scared of asthma, have been all my life, so I know this makes me even more fearful. The strange sounds happen once then I breath in again and nothing, then maybe one more deep breath and then nothing for days, weeks or a month. I never feel like I can't breathe at that time. (I take the deep breaths to check to see if there is anything going on in my lungs) And I have never turned blue, gasped for breath, and am always able to get up and move around when any of these things happens. Singing seems to help alot. The sound is getting less loud too as time has progressed and less like a wheeze. I know that after bronchitis it can take some time for the inflamation to completely go away, and I am thinking that my anxiety might be aggravating the healing process. Especially since I tense up every muscle in my body almost all the time. By the way, I have seen the doctor on several occasions and even in the midst of the two bad bouts of bronchitis they never heard a wheeze, and I just saw my doctor and my chest was clear. Anyone with anxiety or panic disorder every have this happen to them? My pyschiatrist says I am an atypical case, especially since medication effects me so quickly and strongly. And I do notice everything, I am hyper sensitive to everything.

Any words of hope or encouragement would be great. Another thing, I can't use an inhaler, (they never seemed to help anyway) because they make me more anxious and they worsen my heart palpitations, which are scary enough.
(My doctor tried that several years ago, but he wasn't convinced I had asthma and thought that was why the inhaler didn't work.)

Thanks for listening.

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