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I have been taking lorazepam for some months. I have found it very effective, but have been concerned about dependency, and also the fact that after this amount of time it is probably going to lose its effectiveness. GP has switched me to diazepam, as it is easier to taper off. I am not finding the diazepam very useful for several reasons:
it does not seem to take the edge off the anxiety so effectively.
I am finding myself very drowsy during the day, which was not a problem I had (in general) with lorazepam.
It does not seem to last as long, so by lunchtime I find myself reaching for another one.

Has anyone else had experience of these two drugs? I am tempted to ask if I can go back to lorazepam.
I had very good results with Ativan(Lorazapam).I do not know the other med.I had no problem getting off this pill,In fact, just got a fresh prescription,since I hadn't needed it for a few years.I do take Paxil(Controlled Release only)every day for depression,and haven't needed the Loraz,but have it on hand. Loraz. is given
IV-wise at our local Hospital Crisis Center for emergency new patients. Good luck.
I have had both. Diazapam works better me me. I'm not sure why. I think they are both great drugs.

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