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Hello... This is a multifaceted question.

Basically, here is some background info. Sorry if this gets longwinded. I had what is believed to be a panic attack back in june '07 (I was 26) that came out of the blue. I had never had one prior.. It has taken this long and many dr's visits to come to the conclusion hat it was just panic. Ever since this panic attack, I have had bouts of extreme anxiety and I cannot handle stress like I once was able to. I get very irritable, clenched teeth, tense muscles(stomach, shoulder, neck, etc)...

One thing that I get very anxious about is a blood pressure monitor in the dr.s office. I get so anxious that i literally have a panic attack when that cuff tightens (tense muscles, racing thoughts, blurred vision, clammy hands, racing heart). I am always left with a high bp reading. (last was 170/110)

I spoke to my family Dr. a month ago and i had a history of being resistant to treatment, but I finally gave in and he prescribed me 20mg Celexa. I am on week 2 of the Celexa and I have to say that I have felt a bit calmer.. sometimes really tired and lethargic and the anxiety seems to break through at times. (I understand that it will take 3-4 weeks to kick in fully)

During my stint of dr. visits following my my initial panic attack in '07, about the only conclusive finding out of all of the tests that were run on me was high cortisol (just under 3 times the norm). Due to my high blood pressure readings, my doc sent me to a hypertension and kidney specialist (nephrologist) and that is where my ultra high bp was recorded. ( I was on edge the entire visit). Basically, I was instructed to take a dexamethasone test to determine my evening cortisol level to rule out cushings.

So, with that background info out of the way. Let me ask these questions:
Anyone use Celexa for anxiety and does it do a decent job?
Anyone have high cortisol and anxiety?
I have heard that high blood pressure cannot be felt. But anytime that I have high bp, i am wayyy anxious and on edge. Anyone have any bp issues with anxiety?

Basically the reason for this dexamethasone test is to rule out some adrenal issue. Can anxiety come on at any time and just not go away? Could there be a physical issue causing all of the anxiety?

My biggest fear is being stuck with bp meds. I dont want that. Mentally, i feel too young to have any issues.

Anyways, sorry for the lengthy post, but any input would be appreciated.


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