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Hello everyone,

Am feeling quite bad at the moment,had a few weeks in which things were ok,well the anxious,almost panic feelings are always there but worse sometimes.I feel so frustrated,not sure where its all crept up from.I am a stressed person i guess with a lot to do,i have 4 children,i work and i host students in my home.I beat myself up though and am always thinking i can do more and better.I think i should not be as tired as i am.At the moment i feel absolutely exhausted,lightheaded,drained.Have been having abnormal heart rhythms and the odd, negative thoughts have crept in.I just feel like i cannot stand it anymore.The health anxiety has kicked in with a vengence also.
Saturday night i thought to hell with this i'm going out.I drank 2 beers,i wasnt drunk but the beer took the edge off of the nerves.Got home,i know that i get palpitations after alcohol but i really felt i would be alright.Anyway went to bed,heart was beating a little quick,began drifting off and was woken by my heart taking off like a steam train.It was awful,the force was pulsing my whole body,freaked me out.I really had to dig deep to prevent a panic attack which i knew would only make it worse.At the same time i felt like i was dying.Sometimes i think whatever this is should just kill me and be done with it as i feel i dont have the strength to endure the thoughts and feelings anymore.I just feel like i cannot live my life.Almost panicked in my car the other day while stuck in traffic,ended up in tears instead.

I mean after feeling kind of ok why does the anxiety creep back in after a while? I feel like i might be consciously seeking it out i dont know.If we do this all to ourselves why cant we stop it? I'm tired of feeling like i cannot breathe,tired of planning what i do around anxiety,i just want to be.
What should we do while we are in an anxiety phase? Should we carry on as if all is well or what? But how can we when the symptoms are so bad?
I could go on and on here.....

Whoever choses to read this thankyou,i know i have gone on a bit.

Please any advice,i feel desperate.

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