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my boyfriend has not GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) but a worse form of anxiety plus panic disorder and has been on 4mg of xanax for 6 years.
he has NEVER had to raise his dose, and has been working well.
he went to his primary doctor last week, not his psychiatrist! and she said that the psychiatrist is doing a disservice to him by prescribing him xanax despite the fact it has been the best medication for him for 6 tolerance problems and no side effects.
so she didn't ask him, but told him to try lexapro 10mg. once daily. even though he told her that a few years ago, his psychiatrist tried celexa, zoloft, and paxil and starting with the first dose of each, he had violent feelings, suicidal feelings, hyperactive, felt like he was on speed, insomnia, and worsening of anxiety.
with each medication he stuck it out for a week and those side effects never went away.
now with the lexapro, he has all the same side effects...add on top of that extreme nausea and vomiting.
why are these doctors NOT listening to their patients?!
i told her that because of the reactions to the other SSRI's. lexapro will not be any different..she told me "he will not experience any side effects and will start working within a week"
i told her "ARE YOU JOKING ME? no side effects? and everyone knows that antidepressants take at least 4 weeks before you start feeling better"
and then she told me that lexapro is approved mainly for anxiety..not depression.
OH MY GOD!!! some doctors are just so so DUMB!!
sorry it is so long...but i just had to vent.
i cannot stand seeing my boyfriend going through this! i know that for most people, SSRI's are miracle for their depression, and other psychiatric problems...but for others, they can be a nightmare!
just like dexedrine, wellbutrin sr. and methadone have saved my life, they could destroy others.
i understand that xanax and other benzos can be addicting, but when someone's anxiety interferes with their daily lives, and causes everyday of their life to be a living hell...these medications must be used!
and sorry doctors, SSRI's are addicting also..instead of withdrawal, the drug companies call problems coming off ssri's and snri's as "discontinuation syndrome"

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