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Hi I'm Karen! I'm new to this website and decided it would be a good place to vent about my "anxiety story".

My anxiety story has had its ups and downs..with the downs being as down as you can get an the ups being as good as you can get. I live a very good live, living my dream as a hairdresser, great parents, a good boyfriend, great friends, the ideal life. The only thing is I have HORRIBLE anxiety.

My panic attacks started when I was around 9..of course then I didn't understand them as well as I do now. I was put on medication around then and took Prozac for about 9 years. A year ago, the prozac stopped working and I ended up in the hospital pretty much having a mental breakdown. It was the lowest time of my life, I couldn't even explain to you how ill I felt. Thats when the ocd thoughts started flowing in, and I felt like I was no longer in control of my life. I felt crazy to say the least. :dizzy: I still am struggling with extreme ocd and severe anxiety.

I'm always worrying at work, wondering if my clients like me and their hair to the point where I can't sleep at night and feel sick. It may sound silly to some, but someone who is struggling with anxiety can surely relate. I also physically feel ill all the time and an constantly worrying that im dying. I have been worried about a brain tumor for as long as I can remember and feeling sick all the time doesn't help. I've had nights where I didn't know if I was going to make it through, thats how bad I've gotten. Of course at this point I've accredited it all to anxiety..gotten the blood tests, the EKGS, the echocardiograms, xrays, you name it I've gotten it. (keep in mind im 19.)

Its ashame because I consider myself an awesome person. Ha. I'm good looking and nice but my life would be that much better if I didn't have anxiety. Right now im really struggling with my confidence at my job, and always feeling sick. I was wondering if theres other people out there who constantly feel ill? the general feeling of malaise is probably the hardest thing to explain.

My symptoms are nausia, dizziness, weakness, heavy chest, no appetite, pressure in my heat, hot forehead (with no fever) cold all the time, muscle ache, tmj issues, the list goes on and on. Right now im really struggling with the flu like symptoms of a hot forehead and always cold makes me feel horrible and fatigue, I sometimes feel like im going to collaspe I feel so weak & tired. Im wondering if anyone else feels this ill from their mental health??
thanks for listening
:wave: karen

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