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welcome to the boards lyricsRlife- sorry you are suffering so much- your anxiety/panic sounds very typical of most of us here- mine have been on-going for years- they start with a slight numbness on the left side of my body that sends tingles and electric like shock into my hands and feet (but only and always on the left side) then my heart starts racing and i get short of breath- i start to sweat and my face -neck and chest are flushed bright red- i start to feel totally disconnected from my body- i look in the mirror and see me but it doesn't feel like me- my hands shake i have an overwhelming feeling of impending doom- i am convinced i am having a heart attack and stroke all at the same time- i am crying and screaming at myself to take control but all i want to do is run down the street and beg anyone for help but of course i cannot move- i am too afraid i will collapse and just melt into a pile of bones and mush- it is out of control fear and it is the exact same way- in the exact same sequence and i am always fine but during it i truly believe THIS is the attack that is going to kill me- i hate it so much !!! have you seen a counselor? have you considered anti-anxiety medication? have you read any self-help books? i hope you find some answers soon-

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