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Does anyone know if Prozac can cause heart palps and or fainting or near fainting.
I think dizziness/light headedness upon standing quickly, which could feel like you are going to pass out sometimes, is a side effect. Not sure about the heart palps..
Are you just starting it?

Yes prozac can have some crazy feeling side effects the first month or so. I have been getting that faint feeling. I try to just ignore it because I am almost certain its from the Prozac. SSRI's I guess change your blood when you stand up... you are suffering from low blood pressure. At least, this is how i understand it. It takes a while for your body to adjust to the physical changes of the SSRI's.
No ive been on it 2.5 years i recently went back up to original dosage of 20mg a day.

I had this fainting thing when i was on 10mg, so i dont think its that.
I take 20mg of Prozac a day (but my doctor STARTED me on this dosage, not the 10mg) and haven't had any heart palpitations, but I do get dizzy pretty easily. I've been dizzy for a WHILE though, not just from the Prozac. I just think I get that way on my own even without it, and yes, sometimes I feel like I will faint. I just try to not get up too quickly after sitting or laying down, stay very well hydrated, and I watch what I eat. Certain foods seem to make me feel worse. If it's really causing a lot of trouble, I'd definitely talk to your doctor about it though! Good luck!
MY crdiologist now wants me to have a monitor fitted underneath the skin, so im having it fottied next week. That way when i have a strange sensation it cn be recorded and the Doc nd try to interpret whats going on.
Wow, I must say that is some pretty cool technology!
Its amazing, it looks like a memory stick you stick into computer. I reads the heartbeat 24/7 but when there is a jump or leap you press something not sure what yet on the outside of the skin on the monitor and it records 5 mins rev and 5 mins after the episode, that way the Doc can take a reading and make a diagnosis im hoping from that, i d have to have a small incision on my shoulder/chst area though but thats a small price to pay to find out what going on , its pretty scary.

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