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My anxiety started 13 years ago. I am now 32 years old. The form of anxiety that I have is a “vertigo/dizziness” feeling. I also feel like I am going to faint although I have never (thank goodness.) It first started when I was off at college and I would feel like I was going to faint and my body was very uneasy. I also would get a lot of headaches. I would feel the vertigo when I would do basic things like go to the grocery store, eat at restaurants, go the mall, or have to sit through a class. I feel better when I am keeping busy and I am not just sitting around. My body also gets these “falling feelings” which all of a sudden I feel like I am falling, but obviously not. They last about a second or so. I went to see many different doctors and they all prescribed me different medications. I have tried all of these throughout my 13 years: Claritin D., Midrin, Maxalt/Mlt., Claritin, Meclazine, Amitripyline, Nadolol, and Lexapro. I have had many diagnoses and some of them I think the doctors just didn’t know what to tell me, so they gave me a general diagnosis. I have also had the following tests: EEG, MRI’s, Blood work, Allergy tests, Eye and Hearing tests, MRI/IAC, thyroid tests, and an ENG test. Finally, in 2006, I had an appointment with a doctor who specializes in vertigo and he prescribed me Topamax and Clonazepam. I felt so much better when I was on those meds. I would still have very little vertigo, but not as much as before. I also got diagnosed with Nystagmus (involuntary eye movements) and BBPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.) I do exercises at night and they seem to help a bit. I like being on the medicine, it helps me lead a “normal” life, but I can’t be on it when I am pregnant. I would like to try to get pregnant, so I am weaning myself of them. It takes about 2 months to wean off of them and I am scared I will go right back to how I felt before. I am starting to teach again and I am afraid of how I will be in all those meetings and conferences. I wish you could take it while you are pregnant. Thanks for reading this and any advice would be great!

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