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Anyone out there having extreme anxiety and been prescribed Lorazepam? I am just now starting Menopause and my Dr. has prescribed this drug. I did some research and found out it is highly addicitive. Now, I am afraid to take it. Anyone out there have an opinion?

Any advice would be helpful!

Hi Missey...I had bad anxiety a few years back,and it worked wonders for me.I
had no bad reaction from taking it.I haven't needed it, but got a new prescription this summer,just to have it on hand.It is 0.5 MG,max of 4 pills a day,one every 4 hours.I got along each day with two or three.I know that at our local Crisis Center,Lorazapam is given (I/V wise) to emergency admissiions.I,too, was afraid to take any new pill,and did not take one tablet,after my initial visit to a new P/doc.On my second visit a week later,I confessed that I took, not one, of his
pills.He told me not to make another appt.with him. I started taking the pills the
next day.I had double vision from taking one Doxepen for depression,so I was
scared to death. My family Dr.gave me my new prescription,of Lorazepam.Ativan and Lorazapam are the same.(one of them is the Generic) Good luck. Bill
I have Lorazepam, it's the generic form of Ativan. It works great but you do need to be careful with it as it can be addictive. I only take it as needed and try not to take it unless I really need it. Just make sure your doctor knows how much your taking and when you're taking it (i.e. as needed, daily, etc...). Keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to drugs so some people have no problem going off of them while others get addicted.
Thanks guys for responding. My prescription for Lorazepam is 0.5 mg twice daily. I will go ahead and try it, but I think at first I am going to cut the pill in half. We will see what happens but it scares the witts out of me to try one. Couldn't get any worse I guess.

Thanks for your input.

Hey Missy, just curious if you have an update as do what you ended up doing?
My doc prescribed it for me and my anxiety. I don't like taking drugs and definitely don't like feeling "foggy". My last 30-day prescription lasted me about 8-months. I only take it when I feel like I just have to. My prescription says 2 per day too, but right after that it says "as needed for anxiety", which is a very important part. Fortunately for me, I haven't needed it that much. Your mileage may vary.

It seems to work for me well within a half-hour, so I just forget about it unless I feel anxiety that doesn't want to go away quickly on its own, and at those times it's very reassuring to be able to take something to keep it at bay.
[QUOTE=KillPanic;4134811]Hey Missy, just curious if you have an update as do what you ended up doing?[/QUOTE]

Hi KillPanic,

Never did breakdown and take one but believe me there were days when I really needed to. I have found that if I just accept the changes that are happening to my body and realize that they all come from this menopause, I am able finally to get a grip on my symptoms, especially my anxiety, and not let it frighten me so. As soon as I did that, I am much better at controlling it. Sure am glad I have those pills in my medicine cabinet as a backup though!!!!

Thanks for checking back with me.

I take Klonopin, which is a benzo as well. There is a chance of addiction with it as well, but I take it only as prescribed and as needed. I hope that if your anxiety ever does get really bad again that you take it. Just be very aware of the potential for addiction and take only as needed, and you should be just fine. I think people who are anxious are actually less likely to become addicted to benzos because we worry about so much. ;)
Hi Anxietygirl74,

Thanks for your response. I think that is why I refuse to take the Lorazepam, because I am sure it will make me feel so much better and I will want to start relying on it. I am hanging in there though and so far so good.

Take care,
You're welcome. Glad I could help. :)

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