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I have been diagnosed with GAD and OCD. The latter is not your typical OCD - cleaning excessively and maintaining order, albeit I am fairly anal about how things are kept in my home. For the most part, the OCD manifests itself in regards to impending health ailments I make myself believe I have.

Let me start by saying I need to find a new psychiatrist, because it seems like the one I'm currently going to is nothing but a pill-pusher. Right now he wants me to take Prozac, but I refuse to take Prozac because I tried it once and it made my sexually insufficient and groggy/exhausted. At twenty-seven years old, that's unacceptable for me. Secondly, ever other doctor said Prozac is used to treat depression, and I don't have depression. On the contrary, he does have me on Klonopin that I'm suppose to take "as needed." Unfortunately it seems to do squat even at 1.0 MG.

I am a hypochondriac, and always think there's something wrong with my heart. I will occasionally have panic attacks and think I have some health condition that is irreversible or life threatening. I am not overweight, I do not smoke and I drink moderately. I also get adequate exercise, for the most part.

I recently invested some time in seeking out an Internal Medicine doctor, just so I had a regular doctor I could go to when I did have an illness that needed treatment. My scheduled 1st appointment was on Wednesday and my anxiety was nuts as I sat in the waiting room. I was taken back to the patient area and my blood pressure was taken - 150/90 - high. I knew this would happen because it always does when I see a doctor. Because of that, they gave me an EKG, checked my blood for everything known to man, and gave me a chest xray. Everything came back 100% normal - doctor said there's nothing wrong with me and is convinced it's white-coat hypertension. He said I need something stronger than Klonopin. I took 2 right before my visit and my anxiety was still through the roof. So much that the doctor told me I had to emotionally calm down.

I came home and have been taking my blood pressure for the past few days, and it has stayed between the mid 120's and the mid 130's. Not fantastic, but given my level of normal anxiety, I think it's fairly decent. Tonight, however, my brother left for college and I have been feeling anxious and "alone," so to speak. Alas, my blood pressure has been in the mid-to-high 130's. Only with regulating my breathing can I get it into the 120's.

The doctor says I'm fine but I am clearly not listening. I do not want to take medication for anxiety because of its side effects. I am already taking Levoxyl for my Hypothyroidism (TSH levels are normal).

I'm sick of this. I am a doctoral student in my last year of the program and the only time my mind is not fixated on my health is when I'm doing research or intoxicated (comically when drunk, my blood pressure is 120/70). What naturally has helped people? I don't mean supplements or apple cider vinegar - but anything else specific? Thanks for your time.

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