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It started about a little over a year ago...
I had went to canada to visit my aunt for the summer.

One night I woke up round 2 in the morning feeling nauseous, then i got up to walk to the bathroom incase i was going to throw up. when i got up to walk i felt weak, dizzy, numb, and shaky all over(pretty much had all the peripheral nerve symptoms)...oh and nails were purpleish in color. this scared me and i woke my aunt up and was telling her what was happening. She listened to my heart and said my heart rate and breathing was up too.

She thought it was anxiety right from the start and she got me something to eat and we went for a walk. (where shes at is a very safe neighborhood, so safe you can walk at night without worry, its more country than city.)

when we got back i was still feeling the physical effects from the episode so she had me stay with her in her room and we stayed up and watched tv until i finally got tired and fell asleep.

I had a second episode while i was up there and after that she had me come back home so that i could be seen by a doctor.

Since then I have continued to have episodes with many different sensations, always slightly different each time, and have always been in the 20min time frame.
I had thought initially that i had gotten a pinched nerve because i had started excersising while in canada because my neck and right shoulder would hurt off and on.

When i had went to the doctor she put me on a muscle which i found out i cant take because it made my heart rate skyrocket and i had to go to the ER. it went over 160 and went up and down 3 times in a row. that was the scariest thing i had ever experienced. from that point on i have always been afraid something was going on with my heart anytime i feel pains around that area of my chest. She has also kept suggesting i have fibromyalgia and that something is wrong with me mentally(which of course ticks me off). However she is not a good doctor, and is the type that is just making money off by prescribing all kinds of things, and says what she "thinks" is wrong with you, than what she "knows".

Of course i had seen a Cardiologist, and he said that my heart is fine, that muscle relaxor only caused it to react like it did, my heart is strong.
But i cant help still worrying about it, im afraid that something like that could possibly happen again.

I also have seen a neurologist, who ruled out anything wrong with my nerves. I recently saw a Orthopaedic(spine) doctor because i do have scoliosis and it hadnt been checked out for a few years. He prescribed me Neurotin and suggested i swim at least 3 times a week to strengthen my upper back and shoulder muscles to support my spine. am only a little over 10 degrees off.
The neurotin has helped with my nerve pain and restless leg type stuff, but my other nerve sensations it doesnt help and when i have episodes after taking the neurotin at night my episode symptoms are more intense.

I have had some digestive troubles lately also, had felt the nausea, abdominal cramping/pain gas(burping alot) and have had constipation and weight loss.
I have also not been able to tolerate the heat outside and when its really cold. I have beccome extremely irritable anymore and more obsessive that something is wrong with me that the docors just arent finding. my menstral cycles have been very irregular whith heavy flows when i do have my period, and ive also had heat flashes/sweats.
I had thought something was going on with my thyroid at some point possibly, i also had thought i was going through early menopause, anemia, or might have MS. These things have been ruled out however.

The other day i went to my new family doctor and he told me i have a nutrutional deficiency and that explains my digestive problems, so im now drinking Boost and taking B-vitamines with iron. and he told me i have anxiety.

This is all from anxiety right?? what could i do to help reduce my episodes or cut them off when i feel them comming on?? sorry, i write ALOT:dizzy: ...LOL

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