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You sound like you're having a rough time but well done for getting back to the gym and keeping on trying. Some people faced with that sort of anxiety would just avoid the situation for fear of it happening again.

I have palpitations. I have both the PVCs and sometimes my heart starts racing for no reason and I never know whether it's my anxiety that makes that happen or it's something in my physiology. I don't get the PVCs now as much as I used to 10 or so years ago. I don't know whether it's because I take a regular multivitamin and calcium/magnesium supplements or I don't notice them as much.

But last year when I got in the car after a walk with my friend (a hard walk not just a country stroll) my heart just started racing. We were meeting somewhere for a coffee and so I met her, had the coffee, forced down a cake - panicking all the while - and then left saying I wasn't feeling well. I started to drive home then changed my mind and drove to the dr's. They put me straight on the ECG machine and my heart rate was at 150. I think it was a panic attack. They offered me beta blockers but I said no.

But now I find because I got one after exercising once it's easy to 'bring them on' again in the same situation. It's called cued panic attacks. It's like if you have a PA at a certain red light on your way to work, every morning you'll be wondering if you're going to have one at that red light and you can bring it on. That's what happens to me, anyway. But I also sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and my heart will start racing for no reason, and I'll start shaking as well and I just have to get up and try and distract myself until it stops. But that's another cued thing now.

I hope this makes sense. It's worthwhile you having all the tests done for your peace of mind.

Do you still smoke? The nicotine probably exacerbates the PVCs as well. I used to smoke.
Hey Leo, I'm actually 25 until the 20th of this month ;) Haha I try to hang onto it as much as I can!! Anyway, it's close enough to your age and yes I do agree that we have our entire lives ahead of us and why worry all the rest of the years away when we could be thoroughly enjoying them and living life to the fullest.

My anxiety started when I was around 15 I think. My mom said that I was a really anxious child and worried a lot and I remember having bad separation anxiety from her up until middle school. I started having actual panic attacks in high school and sometimes I'd just have to run out of class because I felt so terrible. The choices I chose to make during my teenage years didn't exactly help my anxiety either though. I wised up around 18 and didn't have much anxiety until I was about 22 and then it's been pretty much constant since then. Sometimes worse than others, but always present to some extent.

Do you notice that alcohol bothers your or anything? I used to be able to drink most people under the table and then one night my husband and I had another couple over and we had some champagne and my heart started racing like crazy and it was so scary!! I haven't drank much since then because I'm afraid it's going to happen again, but I really did enjoy having a drink or two when we would go out to dinner with friends or sit around the pool. I think I'm so paranoid about it now that I probably cause the anxiety. I had half of a Mike's Hard Lime the other day and I had a panic attack. Was it the alcohol or me? The odds are in favor of it being me, but still it's so frustrating. I can't imagine that I'd develop an alcohol allergy or intolerance, but maybe I have. My Dr. said no, but I'm not convinced. Oh the joy of anxiety... NOT!!!

Thanks for your encouragement and positive words though. I appreciate it :)

P.S. Sometimes when you get palps, if you cough a few times it takes them away.

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