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I go to the gym and pretty much just hope that it doesn't bother me. I went this morning actually and was completely fine, but just on Monday I had to leave after my warm up, so I never really know. Once you get your tests done and they tell you what's going on, which I'm sure is nothing out of the norm, you will be able to reason with yourself somewhat that you're young and healthy and perfectly fine.

The other day I was at the gym with my husband and he was running next to me on the treadmill, but he sometimes does interval training so he was doing sprints and then regular running back and forth and his head was tomato red, he was covered in sweat and his pulse was almost 200 bpm and I was like oh my gosh you aren't supposed to have a heart rate that high (he's 28, I'm 25) and he was like yeah it's fine I was pushing myself to the max and it's ok to get it that high sometimes. If it had been me, I would've been freaking out!! I think more people than not experience the kinds of symptoms that we do at the gym, it's just that they understand that they are there to get out of breath and work up a sweat and while we get that too, it's hard to convince yourself especially when you start to get that twinge of anxiety creeping up.

Just take it easy when you go until you get your test results and if you start to get anxious, try to do some deep breathing and just walk around until you start to calm down. Sometimes that helps me and sometimes it doesn't. Also if you have someone to go to the gym with or you know people there that you can talk to so you aren't so focused on yourself and your feelings while you're there, that can help a lot. Hang in there;)

do you constantly check you rheart rate when your doing youyr cardio.

I lift alot of weights as well, but when i do cardio on the bike or elliptical I'm constantly checking my heary rate.

I have this thing and I'm not sure if it's in my head but everytime my heart rate goes to about 145 all of sudden I get this really scary Palp or Premature Beat, where it feel like my heart is going to explode or something.

I first started noticing the Palps a few months ago and would only get them at the gym while doing something that brough my heart rate up. I was reading that more people seem to get them at rest and they go away as there heart rate goes up. Now I;m getting them both at rest and when working out.

Some of my palps are pretty forceful, I don't pass out or get dizzy maybe a little disoriented depending on how scared I get.

I wonder if I always had them and just never noticed before or if they really are new to me and just started occuring out of no where.

I firsted started getting worried about my heart when these Palp's started a few months ago, but they where only palp's and even if I got them and it scared me the second i got off the cardio machine my heart would slow dowm and I could relax. This heart racing thing is newer to me and is even scarier than the Palps feeling your heart just go out of control like that is so scary to me.

Also another funny thing yesterday i went to the gym and my cardio routine was not that hard but it was still hard enough to where I know my heart rate should at least have been in the 120's to 130's and no matter how hard I peddled I could not get my heart rate passed the low 100's.

Funny yesterday I got worried because I could not get my heart rate up and the day before because it went to far up.

Anyways do you think that should be concerning to me not being able to make my heart rate go up while exercising.

What kind of Palps do you get or how do they feel I mean. Does it hurt a little ever is it foreful or just a light thud thud in your chest? Oh and when do you get your when your at rest or exercising?

[B]Anybody who gets Palps please buzz in on your experiences or any ideas to how to improve how I'm feeling?[/B]

I mean honestly I know most of what I have is just in my head and likely I'm just freaking myself out a little. Its just that i would love to go the gym give it my all and workout like a 30 year old should be and not constantly worried about droping dead from some odd ball heart anomaly. (I hate feeling this way and honestly my anxiety is not even that bad, I had some very bad attacks in my teen age years and have been free of them till recently so I know what bad anxiety is but still its bad enough that it interfere's with my life a little)

_ food for thought what came first the anxiety and the palps or the palps and then anxiety, and is the Palps really what caused the anxiety since we now know that anxiety is likely a brain chemical issue, "at least thats what the scientist's say"

Sorry for the long post

My palps are almost exacly like your, actually I get them when I'm lifting weights to and only certain exercise where my body is like in akward position and that position make it hard to breathe or something like that.

Yes usually I get the futtering like you and sometimes just like you they come in group of a few or just one time and thats it, they used to scare me so much and now not so much.

I recently started taking Testosterone treatment because i have Low T levels due to my needing to take chronic pain meds for certain pain conditions I have. I first thought my palps where realted to the meds I was taking now I;m convinced they are just normal and alot of people get them and just don't feel them as much, hence they don't know.

But ever since I started my T treatment my palps have become less as well as my overall anxiety, I have been worried a few times over certain feeling I get like a Palp or chest pain or something but not freaked out about it.

The only thing I really do slightly worry about is to get another racing heart panick attack,

But yes I know exactly what you are feeling and I know that I probably get almost the exact same things you get.

Anyways I;m just going with my new motto, If I feel anything like a heart flutter or a chest pain or whatever I;m just ignoring it or if I can't and I keep thinking about it for whatever reason, just tell myself "It's nothing and God is control and stop worrying about nothing and thats that"

It's nothing God is control and whatever happens happens and I'm just sick and tired of worrying it's time to enjoy life.

I think I read on one of your post you are about 30, same age as me. You have your whole life to look forward too and it sounds like you have a great family.

I really wish you all the best and thanks so much for your advice and remember you are "A strong Woman" and you can beat this crap and it's nothing.

by the Way PAusa if you said it or not I;m not sure, but when did all these anxiety attacks start for you.:wave:

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