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I had terrible anxiety/panic attacks starting when I was almost 17 years old.

It was the worst thing ever, I used to get so freaked out, that I wanted to die to make the fear go away, although of course I was afriad of dying too. At the time I was not sure what was going on in my mind or in reality. I used to think I was going crazy and I'm experiencing skitzofrania (I know spelling is way off) or some other kind of major mental disorder.

Anyways me and my Mom were not at all close and did not speak much, but I finally got so freaked out that I had to tell her I needed help. When I went to my mom to tell her it was something like this " Mom I think something is very wrong with me, I'm very afraid and feel very weird and I don't know why or whats going on, I think I need some serious medical attention, please help me I'm so scared Mom"

She was totally cold hearted to me and told me to be a man and stop with the ridiculousness. I'll never forget how alone in the world that made me feel. So basically I lived in fear for like almost a year. Until one day I found God (That is another long story) and little by little I would get better and better. I started working out and eating really healthy.

Honestly as cold as my mom was, I actually thank God for how everything happened. If my mom did indulge me and sympathize and say something like you poor thing whats wrong, lets get you to a Phsyc. Dr. ASAP, today I might have just been on Meds and constantly battling this disease. Which I beleive with Gods help I know you can recover from severe Anxiety.

Recently I've joined the anxiety form cause I did have one panic attack a few weeks ago, that lasted about a minute, I just had the racing heart thing while at the Gym. And then I've had a few heart Palps and similar type things that have just cuased me some concern, nothing were my life is being controlled by it and Thank God it has been getting better over the last few weeks.

Anyways all in all obviously since I first experienced anxiety I;ve gotten way better. I think I was about 21 before I really got over everything. Sometimes even when I was like 19 I would still wake up in the middle of the night with the just this worst fear or more like the most dreadful feeling you could imagine.

but to answer the question on the thread "Yes" since I first got anxiety when I was almost 17 (now I;m 30), I'am doing better and mostly I do not experince any type of severe anxiety that is bothersome to my life ever since I was about 21.

God Bless
It's definitely quite common to have your anxiety get better and worse over time. I know I've been a little like that! I believe my anxiety and depression mostly started as a young teen. I just seemed to hit a bad patch in life with how my mind was. I wasn't happy. With time I've been able to really improve by making different changes in my life and a new attitude/outlook on life. I have many great habits that help me do better. Unfortunately, my anxiety had been getting worse this year. I am not depressed, but anixety was really getting to me. I work in a city and constantly have people approach me in uncomfortable ways, and now I get anxious anytime I'm out in public walking near other people. I also get claustraphobic. I started to notice the anxiety bothering other parts of my life, so I tried Prozac and I love it. It's helped a lot! I used to take Cymbalta and did NOT like it. I still get anxious when I'm walking by myself, but I think it's acceptable to feel that way since there are so many weirdos out there. It digusts me. Just because I'm a young woman does not mean I want to be harrassed by men, especially since I am dressed professional and not calling attention to myself in any way.

Definitely sounds like it could be situational. I find that usually there is at least something deep down inside bothering me. I might not realize it or it might be something small, but there's often at least something that triggered it. I guess I have "sensitive spots" that just go off at times. Prozac has helped me not THINK about them so much and helps me just let those things go.

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