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Hi all,

I have been taking lexapro 20mg for about 3 months & am not seeing much improvement. i started on 10mg about 2 yrs ago and was dealing, but then i had a bad bout and my doc. suggested to up my dosage. my questions are has anyone else not found lexapro that effective and if so, what was helpful (another SSRI, SNRI, etc.). my doc said that i could try effexor xr, increase my lexapro or add buspar but is not leaning in one direction - basically, he's leaving it up to me. not sure what to do...any advice would be greatly appreciated.

also, on another note, does anyone out there have anxiety about anxiety (i guess it's similar to panic disorder). that's what i have anxiety about. i feel like if i get anxious, im never going to feel normal again, get fearful thoughts and depressed about it. i havent read any other posts about this type of anxiety.

thanks for any insights!

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