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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this Health Board and pretty new to forums in general. I have a question and wonder if anyone else has this problem. First off, I should say I'm a 36 year old female and I've had anxiety disorder for 15+ years, and severe panic attacks for about 9 years. I've been Agoraphobic (don't really leave the house) for about 5 years. I'm afraid of meds because I had a bad reaction to a few, and only take a small dose of Xanax 0.5mg. I was doing well with anxiety and felt it was time to say goodbye to Xanax, so I gradually went off it last fall. I was completely off it in June of this year, and shortly after (about a week) I started to feel like my feet were vibrating. I can only describe it as a cell phone on vibrate on my feet, or a cat purring on them. I called my mom, and she said maybe magnesium def. or RLS. I started to take a multi-vitamin, and that didn't help. Then I started to feel the vibrations in my abdomen. My mother then said it was withdrawal from Xanax. By July, I was still getting the vibrations and had panic attacks again, leading me to start up the Xanax again. I went to the dr. and she dismissed it as anxiety related or possibly RLS. I had bloodwork done, and everything was normal except for vitamin D deficiency, which I received an RX for. I went through August hoping the vitamin deficiency was causing the vibrations, but they persist. Almost all the time in my feet, and when I'm in bed, sometimes I'll wake up from a nightmare or deep dream feeling like I'm sleeping on a vibrating cell phone. I do have a cell phone, but rarely keep it on vibrate. It also seems to be worse with compression, like whatever I happen to be lying on. Like, my husband was lying on my leg and that started to vibrate. My psychiatrist gave me a magnesium supplement, and that's not helping, and she recently gave me an RX for Klonopin, which I still haven't gone to get filled because I'm scared to take it.
I know the vibrations are probably anxiety related, but because I'm so nervous, I just can't rest until I figure out what's causing it for sure, and I'm terrified to go to a neurologist and find out I have some awful disease. It's just odd that my energy level seems okay, and nothing really hurts. I do have an occassional, brief muscle spasm, but that's it. Does anybody else have this problem, and if you do, does it happen at rest? Does it happen even when you're not having a panic attack? Like, sometimes I'll just be watching TV and my feet will vibrate. Please let me know if you can.

Thanks very much
You mention that you had blood work done, but do you know specifically if your blood glucose was checked? Neuropathy is a possibility which can be caused by diabetes. That is how my mother discovered she had diabetes. Neuropathy in the feet is usually described as a tingling feeling. I suppose it might feel different in different people.
Thank you so much for responding. Yes, my glucose was checked and was okay. The doctor had a lot of tests done because she knows I never go for bloodwork. It's not really tingles, it's more of a vibration, kind of hard to explain. Last night was my husband's birthday and I was having such a good time at my parent's house that I never noticed any vibrations, so I'm wondering if it's anxiety related. As soon as I got home and lied down in bed, it started up. I wish I knew what was going on. It's so hard to tell with anxiety if something else is going on.

Thanks again.
Oh gosh I have experienced this vibrating sensation for years on and off. I have got my husband to feel whatever part of my body was vibrating to see if he could feel it, he couldn't of course. Mine happened to whatever part of my body was resting on something, I was so worried about it. I was finally convinced that it is caused by anxiety, it does go away when the anxiety subsides. I still get it at times when I'm anxious but i don't let it worry me. I have spoken to a couple of Docs and Psychologists about it and they all said it was just a normal part of anxiety. Yes it happens when I'm at rest, in fact that's the most common time and no it doesn't happen when I'm having a panic attack. From your description I truly believe it is your anxiety causing it. You do have an awful disease, it's called anxiety and it sucks. I hope I have helped you.
Thank you so much. You did help me! It's a comfort to know there is somebody else experiencing this. It's such an odd anxiety symptom, not one that's common, so I've been so worried. It's hurting my sleep too, because now I'm so nervous about it happening that even when my husband moves in his sleep I wake up, thinking the vibrations are starting.

Thank you so much for responding.

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