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Hi there, I understand what you mean. I tend to get feelings of just being "out of it" and nearly drunk. Sometimes I wonder if I have ADD or ADHD. I still haven't been able to completely solve any of it, but I have found various things that seem to be contributing to it for myself. Maybe some of it can relate to you too...

First, I take birth control pills (wouldn't be the case for you since you are male!)... and I know these can sometimes make you feel a little drowsy. I've been taking them for some time, and I can't remember when I started feeling so out of it. I remember being tired all throughout my high school and college years, but I don't remember necessarily feeling "spaced out" until college. I am not sure! I do forget a lot of things, so I write everything down! I don't plan on stopping the pill, so if that's the cause, I guess I'll have to figure out a good way to help with the feeling.

I get pressure on my face and head very often. It can be sinus-related and it can be TMJ-disorder. I am going to look more into this in the next couple of months. Do you happen to feel any pressure on your face or head by chance? My ears also sometimes feel stopped up when I first wake up. I am migraine-prone as well.

I know that I don't always sleep well, so I supposed it could be sleep disorder-related even. I never feel all that well-rested. I DO notice that drinking caffeine does help me feel alert, but I hate to rely on it. If I have a migraine developing, I often won't feel the caffeine at all! A sugar free energy drink or large mug of coffee helps me focus and be more alert in the morning. I feel my best with them, but I hate to rely on them. Also, when I have the caffeine plus a decongestant allergy pill (such as Claritan D- even if I DON'T feel like I have allergies) works best so far.

I know stress and anxiety itself can cause these feelings. I do struggle with both, so I started taking Prozac. Now I feel relaxed, but still have a fuzzy mind. I'd rather feel relaxed and fuzzy than feel stressed, anxious, AND fuzzy! Prozac makes me a little tired, but I feel happier overall and it doesn't affect my weight, so I plan to continue taking it. It doesn't seem to be the cause of this feeling anyway.

I hope you are able to find out the definite cause! Unfortunately there isn't an easy answer and it will take some digging around. Have you had any blood work done or an MRI done? I haven't had an MRI, but I had a normal blood test. I was also thinking about finding out more about food sensitivities (not food ALLERGIES, which would be more severe and noticeable) and doing an allergy test to see if there is something that can cause this feeling that isn't quite so obvious. Good luck with everything!

Oh and yes, working out does help! I feel worse if I DON'T work out and eat right. I feel sluggish if I don't. I tend to feel dizzy at first during a workout, but after a warm up, I feel a bit better. It helps clear my mind too.

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