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Hi! I just started taking Buspar yesterday. I am starting on a very low dose, as in about 1.5 mgs. twice a day, 12 hours apart, approximately. I am starting low because I have had some bad experiences with meds and starting them too high, due to dr. telling me to do so. I realized they don't always know what dosage should be given to individuals. I learned from personal experience and here to start much lower and slower.

Anyway. I have felt slight dizziness about 30-40 minutes after I take it, and headache. I take it with a bit of food. Not much, but a tad. The dizziness passes a bit after that and I get up. I have been laying down when I take the doses to let that pass, if I can.

Now the part that is getting to me most is the increased anxiety I feel about 3-4 hours after I take the med. A wave of anxiety will rush over me for no reason, PLUS more dizziness and it's scary and I thought this med wasn't like SSRIs, increasing anxiety.

Has others had this experience and if so, did it go away? And what dosages were you taking? Did it get better and was it worth it to go through this?

I have Xanax (generic, alprozolam) and take it and Benedryl for anxiety, and have for months. Just thought I wouldn't have to take it MORE after adding Buspar.

This has me concerned because it is reminding me of when I took Lexapro and I got more anxious before getting better, AND, if it's like an SSRI to start it, will it be like one to STOP it later...which is horrible.

Please let me know what your experiences are. I am needing some positive support here, besides the usual, "This is common with some meds. Just hang in there and give it a few more weeks.". Ha....I've read that a lot with SSRIs. But Buspar isn't an SSRI, right? At least I don't see it listed when I read lists of SSRIs.

Also, how is it to get off of?

Thanks for your input and support. :angel:

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