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For the past 3 or 4 days I haven't been able to get deep breaths unless I yawn and even then I can't always get a deep breath. Sometimes it just leaves me feeling even more short of breath which then makes me anxious. Is this a symptom of anxiety even if I get it frequently throughout the day even when I'm not feeling anxious/nervous? I've had EKG's, and echocardiograms within the past year and they've all been fine the doctor said.
This happens to me all the time and not during an attack. Sometimes this is my only symptom and I notice it is worse if tired. Not to worry.

I think me and you are twins.

I get the same symptom it does really freak me out too much, but when I inhale and take in a deep breath I feel like my lungs did not expand all the way and I just did not get enough air in.

I have to keep on take deep breaths or yawning till I feel I got a good breathe in my lungs.

And sometimes I can;t and I just end up getting winded even more. Or feel like I;m winded.

PAUSA, I found the best advice is just to breathe normally and forget about deep breathing and evetually you'll forget about it, I know thats easier said than done, but when ever you feel the urge to take in a deep breath or yawn don't do it.

Hope you f
I went through this for 2 years on and off, which would last for months at a time. I tend to focus on one symptom and I worry myself like crazy about it. So, once another symptom popped up, the breathing problems amazingly went away and now I've been without them for about a year. It is an anxiety symptom which can last all day, not just when you feel anxious.
I have been getting the same thing. And like you ,EKGS and heart tests all normal.. minus a feel palps and some sinus tach I tend to get when real nervous. This is usch a pain, but my guess is that it's not harmful.

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