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Hi all, I am new here. I'm a mother of two young kids and have suffered with anxiety and panic since the birth of my first child, 5 years ago.

I have been taking Zoloft 100mg's since the birth of my second child, two years ago. Recently I felt like I needed to go up on dosage because I was feeling more anxiety so a week ago I went up to 125mg's. My doctor told me to go up to 150mg's but I like to go up slower to decrease side effects.

I was feeling sick to my stomach for a few days and then today out of nowhere I had a major panic attack while sitting in the car with my family. We were talking, nothing unusual and I felt this incredible hot sensation take over my body and everything looked really strange. I had to put the window down and get some fresh air because I thought I was going to pass out.

I haven't had a panic attack like that in years. :( Is it normal to have this while going up on the Zoloft? I feel totally fine now so I'm certain it was a panic attack.
I just restarted Prozac and I am sure it has caused me increased anxiety and panic. When the seretonin increases levels out, I am sure the panic will level out. It is a side effect of SSRI's. Do not worry. I had to stop taking Cymbalta because it caused me terrible panic. Give it a little while and if it is terrible talk to your Dr. Xanax can also help until you adjust to the med. Good Luck......
ohh, sorry to hear that, hmm...why did you feel you needed to go up on dosage if you havent experience a panic attack in years?
i was on Zoloft myself, 100mg, i only took it for a short amount of time of course because it worked wonders on me... i had not felt that happen to me while on it, but 2 years later, i am now experiencing all that anxiety again..
...anyways, just keep taking the medication and if you have another panic attack like that again i suggest going back to your doctor and asking for a different kind of anti depressant / anxiety medication.
I went up on the Zoloft because my anxiety was starting to come back. I hadn't had a panic attack in years, but have experienced anxiety from time to time. The zoloft has worked really well for me. I was on Lexapro before and that worked too. I haven't had another panic attack since the one the other day so I'm assuming it must be from going up on the Zoloft.

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