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Diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder in 2003. I have noticed that it comes on for months end then it will stop and bam its back full fledged again. Im literally worrying 7 months out of the year? I was controlling it with 60 mg of prozac a day, kolonopin 1 mg daily, and up to 3 1 mg ativan a day plus therapy 1 a week since the EARLY 2008
Then i lost my health insurance. I havent had any medications from March of 2009, nor any therapy.I cant afford it.

Anyway since may my anxiety has been the worse it ever has been. I literally would only get up to go to work. However i would go into an instant panic attack if a group of people crowded around me.I went in to store the other day and freaked out because of all the people in there. I never had agrophobia. Just panic and anxiety.

I would lay in bed all day worrying that I was dying or going crazy because i have been experiencing new symptoms. Dizziness, muscle twitches, memory loss, heart palpitations, feeling im not real, sensitive to lights, headaches, lump in my throat.

I also took to taking my pulse about 3 times an hour. I think Im developing hypochondria. I've had ekgs, heart ultrasounds they say they are normal. Is this normal to think you are dying with anxiety?

I also have quit smoking 1 month ago, and no caffeine

please any input i greatly appreciate. Im so scared

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