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tUrRrA, CareBerry, and Sunshine thank you all so much for replying!;)

I have received really good advice. My best friend (who has a pretty morbid sense of humor) told me that instead of taking a xanax, I might as well snort a line of coke Hahaha! She was given Xanax while she got her tubes tied and said it was so strong that she couldn't even walk afterwards. Yikes! Definitely not what I had in mind. Anti-anxiety meds may be more than what I am looking for. So yeah, I don't think that I will be asking my doctor for anything to help with the flight. My husband and I will have to start flying a lot for business (Lord willing)so it would be best if I faced my fears head on or else I will be needing "something" every time I step foot on a plane.

The flight is only two hours (non stop). Not bad compared to the times I saw for flights that had stops. Some were 8 hours long! I have no clue as to why someone would choose an eight hour flight over a two hour flight.
Yeah, and the seats were another thing. It would be nice to fly first/business class but it's not the wisest choice for us financially. So I pray that whoever will be sitting in our row will be courteous, sober.....and quiet :D lol

I will have to google Emotional Freedom Techniques and read up on it. I am familiar with homeopathic remedies. I have kava kava teas. I also take Valerian Root and Passion Flower but have similar experiences to Sunshines. One day it works, the next it doesn't.

Thanks Turrrra for going in-depth!!

:dizzy:I am sure there is nothing to worry about, it's just fear trying to get the best of me. I am certain the flight won't be anywhere close to what I thought it was! I'll look back and laugh at how much I over reacted, I'm sure of it. Thanks guys!!

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