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I wouldn’t be nervous about taking it at all. klonopin belongs to a class of drugs known as a Benzodiazepine, which include the drugs, Xanax, Lorazepam, valium, and many, many others. All benzo medications have a potential for addiction if abused. You were prescribed a very low, safe dose. I have taken all the different benzo family of drugs in much higher doses, on and off for over 10 years and never had any problem stopping them. I really doubt that Klonopin, at that very low dose, will have any effect on your depression one way or the other. If your depression is anxiety related, then you will probably find it will help rather than make it worse. You will likely find klonopin to relieve your anxiety and produce a calming effect. At higher doses it can be very sedating. You have nothing to loose by trying it. You will know within a few days, if not sooner if it is helping. Klonopin is also a medication that you can "take as needed" for anxiety as oposed to every day, if you don't feel you need it every day.
I had been taking Xanax (prn, as needed) which was Rx by my physician. It worked but is definitely a "love 'em and leave 'em" kind of med. Great for immediate panic attacks.

Then, I went to a shrink would gave me Klonopin along with Celexa. I had an acute reaction to the Celexa and stopped taking it. However, the Klonopin works great. I only take it as needed, which averages to be 2-3 times a week and is a baby dose (1/2 a .25 mg pill, or 0.125 mg).

That's all I need.

I am also seeing a therapist. I have heard from multiple professionals that the right med/dose + therapy gives a better and more long lasting outcome.

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