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Hey there! I think others who are reading this need to know this information is so incredibly important for everyone to know. Live2bfree28, this is like reading my something very similar to my own life's story. Getting rid of corn, soy, gluten, casein, peanuts and a few other allergens cured my anxiety/panic for 3 years now. I have stayed off of them and when have gone back on them, get the familiar panic attacks a few minutes later, stomach issues, rashes, and once had one reaction so bad I should've gone to the hospital.

Thank you very much for posting this as I feel like I am the only one that has posted about it and find that sometimes I am ignored (or at least feel that way) unless I am willing to talk about some miraculous medication or something. Sometimes there are underlying causes as to why we can have anxiety and medicines don't always work, as in your case.

That's very strange that the supplements made things worse for you. I was automatically thinking of the B vitamins when you said your symptoms came back, but now am thinking that some of the foods you reintroduced have caused this. In particular I am thinking the soy might be doing this, but see I have problems with all of them so I wonder if you might still be too. It might just be delayed reactions though. I know you said that it began happening before you re-introduced these foods back into your diet. Soy is still a big one though. I would assume you know about the phytoestrogens that soy has unless properly prepared? I personally won't eat soy unless it has been rendered harmless, so I just stick with eating things that contain soy lecithin as I know it doesn't have the bad stuff. I have been curious about fermented soy but am afraid to try it lol.

Also, have you done any food allergy testing through a doctor? Just because you don't see symptoms right away doesn't mean that certain foods can't be still causing problems. I personally went to a chiropractor who does muscle testing and found out some things that way. At least that's how it went with milk, corn and peanuts. I know it's true now as I do react to them if I eat them.

Another thing I would mention here is about soaking the grains you do eat. This is so important! I have no idea if you know anything about this, but it's good to post about here to inform others as well. Soaking grains before cooking and consuming them gets rid of the harmful phytic acid and other anti-nutrients that make grains hard to digest and can cause allergies. Many traditional cultures throughout the world would soak or sprout their grains, some for several days at a time. This also goes for nuts and seeds as well as they contain many anti-nutrients that need to dealt with. Like for example, I if want to have rice for dinner, I put it in a bowl with water in the morning and let it soak until nighttime. 8 hours are needed to remove most of the acid.

I know you don't like the idea of taking supplements anymore, but let me see if you could maybe make an exception. I recently went to a seminar where the doctor there was speaking about health issues, and in one part about the importance of magnesium. Not the kind that you take in the form of a supplement, but one that is applied on the skin in lotion form. I have been using the one recommended for several weeks and have definitely noticed a difference. I wonder if it might help you. There are many brands online but I use Dr. Shealy's magnesium lotion. Most people are very deficient in it and by taking it orally, it is difficult for the body to process and can cause stomach problems. The second best to the lotion though is called magnesium taurate. It's least likely to give problems, but still is harder to absorb.

Anyways, don't go back on gluten! At least me, I could never imagine going back to the panic attacks, anxiety, stomach problems, and weight loss I had while on that food. If you do decide to, please be super careful, maybe even see a doctor about it. I found out the hard way two months into being gluten free and had some bread that caused the worst allergic reaction. I felt like I couldn't get enough air for several long and scary minutes and should've gone to the hospital. The next morning though both of my underarms had turned blue and hurt a ton. It's a scary allergy to have. Well, I will continue thinking of other things that might help you. I still hope the stuff I mentioned at least helps a bit. :wave:
Care Berry,

Thanks for sharing all the info! I will have to give Dr. Shealy's magnesium lotion a try. You asked whether I had been tested for food allergens. Yes, I have. Back on 06/20/09 I had a high level test conducted They tested for Immunoglobulin E and G. Both tests resulted in normal levels; however, this was three months into my elimination diet. By that point in time, any foods causing allergies had been absent from body long enough that the level of antibodies were probably so low that any test conducted would not have detected them. It would be better if I was tested now since I have intro'd everything except for dairy, wheat, and gluten (update on wheat and gluten to follow). I am planning to eventually shell out the money for a particular allergy test called the Immuno 1 Bloodprint by Immuno Laboratories. This tests 115 foods using 91 antigen units.

I will definitely try soaking my grains. That is the first time I have heard of doing that. I would think that by cooking them in hot water, the same thing would be accomplished, but at an accelerated pace.

I know I just mentioned on Thursday, 10/15/09, that I had not tried wheat or gluten in a very long time (since 05/17/09), but things have changed. I did a lot of thinking as to whether I would try sampling the wheat/gluten or reintroduce my Luvox to boost my mood and lessen my rigidity (trouble shifting thoughts and multitasking). I have been able to deal with the rigidity, but my dampened mood and lethargy have been really taxing. So I decided, instead of reintroducing the Luvox, I would try the wheat first. It's much easier to withdraw from a natural food than it is from a medicine. When I withdrew from my Luvox back in May, it was not easy. I was so rigid that I often felt like I was paralyzed both mentally and physically. It was so hard to shift off things.

Anyways, I tried a whole wheat bagel Friday night, a piece of wedding cake Saturday night, and a small bowl of Post Grape Nuts cereal tonight. Here is what physically happened since I intro’d the wheat. On Friday night I started to develop a sore throat about three hours after I consumed the wheat. Now, I am not sure if this was just a coincidence and I happened to be coming down with something, or what. On Saturday, my soar throat broke out into an outrage. By Saturday night I was hardly able to swallow. Also, on Saturday night, I developed a severe headache and aches and pains all over my body. I felt like I had the flu. Before I went to bed that night, I had horrible chills throughout my body. When Sunday came around, especially late afternoon, my soar throat and head ache had started to subside, but I still had the ache and pains and fatigue (felt like I was hit by a truck). Today, Monday, I have no aches and pains or headache and my soar throat has almost passed. What’s interesting is, this is almost the same experience I had when I intro’d corn into my diet back on 06/12 and 06/13. I get hit with aggressive flu-like symptoms that only last for about 24 to 36 hrs. I STRONGLY believe that when you refrain from eating a certain food for long enough and into it again, it shocks the heck out of your body.

Now on to the mental part. Since I have intro’d the wheat, I have noticed a moderate increase in motivation. Something has lit up in my brain over the last three days. I feel like I am zoned out less and more in tune with the world. My energy levels were up today, as I was able to come home tonight and clean my house. The best part of it was I was able to actually experience a certain degree of satisfaction and well being. I have not felt this way since back in May of this year. Over the weekend, I noticed myself singing to myself, cracking more jokes, and having more emotions. This is all so weird to me because I have not been like this for months. I think I may be on to something here, but I need more time to evaluate it.

So I mentioned all the good things, but you are probably wondering how my anxiety is, right? Well, I can tell you that only after three days of eating wheat, my anxiety has increased just a tiny bit. I socially felt more uncomfortable talking to customers on the phone today. I also had more trouble concentrating at work, as I was easily becoming distracted by things and did not want to sit as still as I normally do. I was also experiencing a few negative thoughts today and worrying more, but nothing overwhelming; it was all mild. I really can’t say anymore about the anxiety right now because it’s still too early. I will post more in a few days. Oh yeah, today I was also more irritable than I normally am and more likely to fly off the handle.

That’s enough for tonight. I am headed to bed.

Good night

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