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Hi, I'm new here and looking for a little insight into anxiety and its symptoms.

Over the past year, I've become increasingly depressed, tired, and irritable, especially during the week. I can barely bring myself to put any effort into my tasks at work, which is really bad news because I'm in a creative field. I used to consider myself very creative and fairly intelligent, and now I feel lazy and dumb in regards to my work. I get practically no sleep during the week, then sleep in VERY late on weekends and can't seem to get anything done. I often screen phone calls and don't take them because I'm in such a bad mood, and then turn very irritable when I get home and am mean to my husband. Our intimacy has suffered because I can't seem to stop my mind from running 24/7 about things on my "to do" list and current situations, at work or socially. I've lost interest in things I used to love to do, like singing, playing the guitar, and writing. People around me (mostly people I'm close to - I'm very good at "putting on a happy face" in front of acquaintances) have commented on my "bad moods."

I was discussing this with some friends last week and one of them told me about her struggle with general anxiety. She said that it sounded like I had a lot of the same symptoms. I had never considered this before. My husband seems to think that the problem is my stressful work environment. We're often expected to work very long hours, nights and weekends, we're criticized and scrutinized constantly, and I NEVER leave my work "at work," so this isn't a stretch. But with the economy the way it is and our industry being so competitive, getting a new one isn't exactly a possibility right now. I also started thinking that it might have something to do with leaving college and entering the real world. I was never like this while I was in college, and it seemed to start about a year after I graduated (I'm now almost 26). It could just be the stress of leaving a relatively carefree existence and facing "grown up" responsibilities that I never had to face before.

Does this sound like anxiety, or just a normal phase that young adults go through? Is it worth seeing a doctor about (I'm not the type of person that goes to a doctor - ever.)?
Hi, to me it sounds like anxiety and/or depression. I have been dealing with both of these conditions for years. If it was me i would see a dr. Hope you get some relief soon.:)
You sound like a terrific person who is dealing with so many commitments and challenges. When I was a young professional dealing with big stress, I found yoga was fantastic. I even fell asleep at yoga classes...Later, I found going for a run was a terrific stress reliever and helped me to sleep. Not saying you should do the same but it is wonderful if you find what helps you relax. Finding 'balance' is a life long experience but well worth the journey(I am in my 50s). If you read this and think "she doesnt get it", then get the name of a good GP or psychologist and talk to them....things will get better
Not being able to concentrate at work might be a symptom of anxiety. I've just recently been diagnosed with general anxiety and when my problems started I also could not concentrate at work.

I was also always tired and never felt like I slept enough. You could always talk to a doctor and see what they think. Better to catch it early than to let it become something more serious down the line.

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