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Hi inlovebutscared,

Thanks for your reply. My parents are still together so I can't say I know exactly what you're going through but I do believe that would cause a lot of anxiety. You're afraid that since your parents didn't last, which I'm sure you thought they were madly in love, that you and your boyfriend wouldn't last.

It's hard to know if you have an anxiety disorder or just plain doubts. Everyone I talk to say it's completely normal to have doubts when it comes to such big commitments/ decisions in your life. I actually went to talk to a psychiatrist and I was diagnosed with separation anxiety. He said, being so afraid of leaving home and family can actually cause me to question my feelings and relationship for no reason : / It's easier for me to pull away and be alone because if I was, I wouldn't be any closer to leaving home. I'm not sure if a counselor is able to help you really sort out your feelings like a psychiatrist??? As for medication, I started taking vitamins like vitamin B and Flaxseed Oil pills along with Evening Primrose Oil pills. I'm not saying you need to take these but they are all mood enhancers which, for me, I have found helpful. I researched them all before taking them plus I talked to a pharmacist. I found talking with friends and family really helped and my boyfriend to is very understanding. I believe being so afraid of something can make you question everything and pull away. It's easier to pull away then work through it. Even after being "diagnosed" with Separation anxiety, I still kind of freak out. I know when the time of the month comes along, I have a really hard time controlling the freak outs within. I don't think my freak-outs will go away until I actually move out of my parents house and in with my boyfriend but then once that happens, I'm sure something new will come along for me to freak out about. Life can be very stressful and some people can just handle better then others and for me I need constant reassurance from everyone.

I hope this has made sense to you.

Thanks, I am for sure working towards a new life. Very exciting but extremely scary at the same time. I know things will get better, just need to keep pushing myself. Glad to hear you're working on yourself as well and still with your boyfriend.

Agreed, work towards staying healthy and strong. Trying not to let anxiety drag you down is very hard but we need to keep on trying and always look at the positive. Thinks with our hearts, not our minds.

Same to you, keep well.

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