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Nov 7, 2009
Hi, I'm new to the boards, I was needing some help. I read the anxiety symptoms, but for some reason I just can't unconvince myself there is something horribly wrong with me, I continously fear I have an aneuryism (sp) or brain tumor and people are simply writing it off as anxiety. I was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety problems when I was 13, around 18 it went away and I was fine without medications, i'm 22 now, and about 2 months ago I started experiencing muscle tighness, and pains, I'd flip out, nearly having panic attacks. My main problem is, it will seem like i'm not stressed at all, and I'll still be showing signs of anxiety IE, my temples will be tingling, I'll have muscle pains, I'll be very edgy, the slightest noise will cause me to jump, I have a constant fear that there's something wrong with me and that i'm going die any second, it really sucks. Another thing is my eyes seem to be playing tricks on me alot, sometimes it seems like when I move something there will be tail of on it( as if it was moving in slow motion) I've had my dr check my eyes, but he said at the most it was what he called a "floater" and that it will settle to the bottom of my eye eventually... any help will be greatly appreciated. feel free to post your opinions, and i'm sorry for bugging you all.

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