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Possible anxiety?
Nov 7, 2009
I go through bouts where I become EXTREMELY shy. I am not constantly worrying, I would not even say I am worrying or feeling 'anxious' the majority of the time. However I will randomly become very cautious and afraid of situations, most often social ones. For example, there are times where I drive to school but once I get to the parking lot I have to force myself out of my car. Inbetween classes, or during class, I sometimes try to convince myself I don't need to go to the next class/stay through the whole class, that I should go home 'sick,' that I can just read my textbook at home because I'll be so fearful and hesitant to have social interactions. I rarely raise my hand in class. I am horrendous with public speaking or talking in front of a medium sized group, say seven to ten people, even if they're all close friends (one on one or in a small group of three or four, I'm completely comfortable). I try to avoid meeting new people unless I'm in one of my 'high' moods (I'm diagnosed bi-polar.)

I've tried to put up with it for as long as I can remember, but lately it's been bringing me almost to tears trying to deal with it and having to find excuses as to why I don't want to go out or why I don't want to go to class. Does it sound like I have anxiety? I know I need to ask these things to a doctor, but I can't see my psychiatrist for another three weeks because of scheduling mistakes in her office. I think opinions from people that know what having anxiety is truly like would help though so I can at least start trying to find out how to treat this and get better.
Thank youu!

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