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Need Zoloft advice!
Nov 16, 2009
I started taking Zoloft (generic) about 4 weeks ago. Meaning, Sunday marks going into my 4th week. I started at like 3mgs. because I wanted to go slow and was petrified of what was to come from another SSRI experiment. So I felt a bit lightheaded 30 minutes after I took it and a slight headache and diarrhea the next day. Could handle that. So I upped the dose slowly over these past few weeks.

Around 15 or so mgs. I started getting shaky and more anxious. The dr. and my counselor says my dose is small and I should take more. I have sorta stayed around 20mgs. give or take 1 probably, since I am eyeing it from a 50mg. pill. The dr. gave me a script for 25mgs. now so I will be able to eye it better soon.

The questions: I am shaky and more anxious and tense. Tense jaw too. In your opinions and experiences should I take more, take less or stay where I am and wait this out? I had to do something because the panic attacks weren't going away and I was in such a high sensitive mode, with no end in sight. I fought going on another SSRI but finally relented.

On a side note, the depressive feelings have lightened a bit and I am not as weepy. But the anxiety is not touched and I REALLY REALLY need that gone, or at least toned way down. I do not like this jittery/speedy feeling, as that is completely against what I am striving for here. I take Xanax and Benedryl when I wake and go to bed, and the combo relaxes me to sleep. I take Xanax here and there inbetween as needed.

What have you guys found as a theraputic dose and how long did it take for it to kick in? Did the shaking go away? Tension? I just don't know if going up is the answer but tonight I did take another 2 or 3 mgs. to try to work to 25mgs. I am sensitive to meds. I keep waiting on that numbing, mellow feeling I hear people get on this stuff. Course I have also read it makes people jittery and tense. Does that ever stop?

Please give me some positive input here! Thank you!!

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