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It's too bad that choosing a doctor is not such an easy thing in the US. Health Inc. is so control happy that it can be tough to change to a new doctor if you're not happy with the current one.

Anxiety definitely has physical expressions. The causes of anxiety are a wide arena and your body/mind can settle into your own set, so just because yours may seem "different" I wouldn't start worrying about a major physical problem just yet. One thing you've had on your side is the docs have done several tests and determined that your health is basically sound. Meditating on that fact can not be underestimated. In my case and tons of others (seems like the vast majority of anxiety sufferers), the worry about your health is what your thinking keeps circling around to which is what gives the snowball all the momentum. For me, a quick and relatively inexpensive visit to the doctor so he can do a couple basic checks usually is enough reassurance to make me settle down quite a bit. I tend to keep thinking I'm on the verge of a heart attack and worry about it. If it were ever true I would have been under the knife or six feet under at least two years ago. I know physically I'm OK, but sometimes I need help to bring me back to normal.

Anyway, sounds like the person/people you've seen are MDs. It might be worth trying to find someone focused on matters of the mind. In this case, it's very important to find someone who you connect to well. Sometimes that can be the first one you try, but sometimes you get the feeling they aren't interested or there's something that just doesn't "jive". Try another one. It shouldn't take more than one or two tries - in my experience there are a lot of good counselors out there. Several years ago, I was a patient with a guy whose patient pool was almost totally addicts, so he found it refreshing to use some of his other training and experience to help me since I am not an addict. I felt that he was really interested in helping, and he did help me a ton.

So I guess I'm trying to say that from what little I read in your post, I'd suggest trying a session with a counselor. Anxiety can be helped with medication, but the real goal is to just get your mind working right again without meds. There is a lot of stress these days and no sign of things getting easier (externally) unless you gain some skills to deal with it more effectively (internally). If you do, I think you'll find that just a little bit of information and help can go a long way and make you much better off. Imagine what a good bit of knowledge and help can do!

Anxiety about your health is common. I do the same thing. Any little pain or whatever wasn't there yesterday seems to try to take me down the same road toward assuming I have a major ailment. I have a few things I can do to help nudge my mind off that track and back toward more constructive thinking. I learned these things from others and wouldn't have made any progress on my own. It's simple stuff, though harder to implement than to hear it said.

Remember, the docs have tested and their results came back fine. Keep that in mind. Chances are very much in favor that you are OK - you're just thinking in bad patterns.

You're doing a show? I used to be a musician. A slight bit of anxiety is actually good in a performance setting. It keeps your mind alert. The good thing about performing is that there is usually enough to think about that there just isn't room for those bad patterns to creep in. I would guess that a performance would unplug you from your anxiety during the event and for a while afterward. Hell, it might just be enough of a break in the cycle to fend it off for several days or weeks.

I don't know what would work for you, but anger is a motivator for me. If I felt myself getting shaky during a performance, I would get mad at the anxiety and dive deeper into what I was there to do to shove it away. That may not work for you at all since we are all different. But if you have time, talk to others and hopefully a good counselor. Approach it from a perspective of problem solving and be sober, as opposed to "why me" kind of stuff - that won't help. You have to become a bit of a soldier. Anxiety is only a big deal when you're in the middle of it. Once you get a break from it, it's a relatively weak foe. You just need a little ammo, training and experience.

p.s. I was feeling anxious for the past two weeks or so. Got bad for a couple days or so. The whole time I was feeling a kind of dizziness and dissociative feelings. Very uncomfortable. Two days ago I finally thought myself back to mostly normal and I wasn't having the panic feelings at all, nor really any anxiety I could put my finger on, but I still had the dizziness. Today I saw the doc and tonight I have zero dizziness. Freaky. I figured I wasn't panicking anymore so I was over it, but the dizziness meant I just wasn't quite totally past it yet. Bummer when it happens, but "this too shall pass". Fortunately it happens less for me as time goes by and I get better at dealing with it. I may struggle with it the rest of my life to some degree, but I'm hoping I can at least get to where I only feel it for less than a day before I can work past it and go on about the business of living. A week or two (or longer) is just waaay to long. It's good to have goals.

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