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Well i actually joined this for the gerd/acid reflux board...but i figured i would come over here and tell what has helped me with my anxiety and panic disorder (at times agoraphobia in the past) since you don't always hear uplifting stories on these boards or updates (because people leave them etc. when they are feeling better). I know i like to hear what has helped others. I am by no means ever cured from this beast but i have struggled with anxiety for 10 years. 3 years ago it became severe with a bad depression to top it off. I finally went the psych. med. route (after years of resisitance) and for a few months it was helpful but overtime it worsened my anxiety (i believe). I have been weaning off of xanax and lamictal for over a year now but have successfully weaned off of lexapro, klonopin and ativan. My previous dr told me i would probably be on xanax for the rest of my life but i am hoping that isn't so. I am now on only .06 of xanax and .125 of lamictal but have had to hold as my physical body is having a tough time with it.....the good news? mentally....i cannot believe how much better i feel after each is AMAZING (for me) + i started getting acupuncture with wonderous success. Given, i am having MAJOR gerd issues :( which the drs and i are working on.... and it is quite upsetting. But i cannot believe a girl like me whom had numerous full blown panic attacks everyday is now finding some much needed peace (mentally). Panic disorder knocked my whole life down and i'm picking the pieces back up but i am astonished that i had so much anxiety in my own house on 1 mg of xanax a day for a long time and now on practically nothing and dealing with some very stressful health issues i feel the best mentally that i have in years? strange but also makes alot of sense.

Anyways, everyones body is different, this is just my story. Take care and know there are many success stories out there and lots of hope :)

So, if i could do it again i would have only been on the meds VERY short term (instead of 2 1/2 years) and found acupuncture and chinese herbs much sooner....but i can't so i will relay what worked for me and what hasn't and maybe someone will pick something up from my story (or maybe not).

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