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I'm having these symptoms:

*Rocking or swaying sensations when I walk, or shift my weight from side to side, feels like my body is overcompensating (sometimes it even feels like an up and down falling sensation when walking).

*Stiffness in neck, doesn't hurt, just feels out of place

*Tension forehead and temples

*Slight tension around my eyes

*Tightness in jaws and sometimes when opening my mouth

*Occasional headaches



*Slight woozy feeling that comes and goes when I'm sitting (this could be from the zoloft the doctor put me on for the anxiety I have about the rocking swaying sensation)

My pcp examined me and said it was all stress and anxiety related, he said my symptoms aren't descriptive enough to diagnose a condition.

I've been having these symptoms them for almost 3 months now, and have been on various antibiotics for supposed sinus infections, but they didn't do anything. Have been to the minor emergency room a few times hoping they'd figure it out, and eventually to my doctor. Do you think an ENT would do more?

Went to an orthodontist and he said he didn't think it was TMJ related, at least the dizziness. He said it might be possible that I am clenching my teeth at night which could pinch some kind of nerve in my ear and cause dizziness.

I'm also thinking about going to the chiropractor.

Could this be completely stress and anxiety related, I have had a lot of life altering stuff happening in the last 12 months. Birth of my first child, my wife lost her job, my grandmother died, lots of layoffs where I work?

Thanks for reading.

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