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Hi, I've read the "must-read" and the "symptoms" sticky's.. but I still feel I should ask the community. (And also have something written up while it's fresh in my mind to take to the doctor with me).

I'm 22 years old and married with a 6 month old baby girl. All of my life, I've had a sharp pain that may come and go (multiple times a day, to not seeing it for months). It's located under my left breast deep inside my body. It's a crippling pain, and leaves me short of breath and usually doubled over. It lasts literally half a second, and when it's over I go back to what I was doing before. When I was about 5-6 years old, my face turned blue and I passed out.. The doctors put me on a heart monitor but couldn't figure anything out. They said it was probably an anxiety attack or simply growing pains. Well today, that sharp pain is increasing. I can expect it everyday, maybe even twice a day. Scariest thing happened to me tonight - I was simply laying in bed watching Private Practice and all of a sudden I couldn't breathe. I figured it was the indegestion that the Cold Stone icecream gave me(icecream gives me indegestion most of the time, no idea why). So I ignored the shortness of breath. But after a while it got worse and worse, I felt like the room was shrinking around me and I was locked in a cage. I was extremely dizzy and figured I'd probably pass out any given second. It felt like there was no oxygen left in the air and I couldn't calm myself down even after taking deep breaths for a good 20-30 minutes. I told my mom and husband, walked around for a bit and went outside to get some air. The only thing that really got me calmed down was that my daughter had a nightmare and woke up and I HAD to get her to calm down. For all you moms out there you know that babies can sense their mothers' feelings. So something just kinda clicked and I was able to calm down a bit.
It's been a little over an hour, and I'm still a little short of breath.. but I'm fine. It's probably just because I'm stressed about it. (Bad timing to be stressed, eh?) I stress and worry over the littlest and stupidest things. I feel like every since I gave birth to my daughter who sleeps at LEAST 10hrs at night, I still cannot get a good nights' rest and wake up energetic.
I get this way in elevators. Elevators are definately my phobia. And ever since I got pregnant(and moreso since my daughter was born), dirtyness/germs and the obsession to only feed her healthy foods has gotten MUCH worse. I carry germ-x on me whenever we go out and I'm not afraid to use it. I washed my hands too much that I had to soak my hands in cocoa-butter lotion for a few hours.
I guess I should probably also say I'm an extremely irritable person with my family. It's probably so bad that I need meds to make me chill out since I get upset (at what they say) at the stupidest things. And I should probably also admit I've suffered from depression in the past (been depression-free I'd say for.. 2 years).

I'm so sorry for the horrible grammar and vocab, but ever since this "anxiety attack" I had tonight I feel drained with no energy. So now that you all know what is going on...... Is this something worth speaking to a doctor about, and possibly following up with a therapist for medicine?

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