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Your Zoloft dosage
Jan 29, 2010
I was wondering what dosage everyone is taking of Zoloft and how their experiences have been with it?

I started in October and I have a like/hate relationship with it. It HAS taken the edge of the panic attacks, but there has been a price. I still have dizziness and muscle fatigue. It's like I have worked out a lot but haven't. It really bothers me. Scares me. Is it degenerating my muscles?

I got disoriented with it at around 23 mgs. I had worked up to that dosage over two months. I decided to back off a few mgs. after that and hoped the muscle weakness would go away too. It hasn't. I am at around 18 1/2 to 20 mgs. now daily. I eye it, and shave some off with exacto knife.

The med doc I went to gets insensitive with me and rather impatient. He says my dose is not doing anything and wants me to take 50-100mgs. I am sensitive to meds and have learned in the past to take it slow and low and see how I feel. I've had docs give me too high of doses, like with 20 mgs. of Prozac to start and I was cutting on myself and suicidal.

So anyway, I tell him about my side effects and now I have leg aches that started with my period last week. I am not sure if it's related, but they still ache and it's scaring me. I thought it was period related, seeing as how it started an hour before I started my period and got worse for a few days, then got a bit better, but has stayed. He seems to think it's in my head. Anxiety causing it. I don't believe so.

The med doc asked if I had heard of somatoform syndrome and I hadn't. But I asked if it was hypochondria? No, he said. Psychosomatic? No. But it IS in the same group, I read. Anyway, it said that it was basically what doctors call various pains, etc. but can't find a reason why it's happening. And the symptoms were valid, just that they couldn't find a reason, even after lots of tests. Well who knows. I just know my legs ache and he thinks I focus on my health too much. Well if I don't, I could miss something. I wouldn't focus on the leg aches if they didn't ache.

So back to the original question...what Zoloft dosage are you taking and feeling good from it and has it helped panic attacks, and do you still have side effects?

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