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It started out as just chest tightness and discomfort in my chest, but now I have more symptoms, and then that just causes more anxiety. Has anyone else had this?

*Tightness or soreness under armpits and down the side(s)
*A feeling of a "Knot" in the back or side
*An [U]urge [/U]to cough (not actual coughing), almost a feeling similar to congestion, but its just dry and not productive

These are added to just general muscle soreness, headaches, dizziness and lightheadedness, sleep problems, chest tightness or heaviness, and feeling hungry but loss of appetite.

Anything would help! Thanks!
I have looked around about fibro, and I suppose it could be...I do have quite a few of the symptoms. The soreness of my underarms bothers me though. I know anxiety can cause muscle tension and all that. I figure that is more than likely what it is, but it scares me some. Not good for the anxiety, let me tell you! lol

Thanks for your reply.

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