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Ok, I am not sure where to start. Let me start off by saying I have a history for major depression and anxiety. A couple of days ago I have been getting these feelings...... I feel anxious, nervouse, I have an over all bad feeling, scared, lost, worried feeling dark, feeling not real (dont really know how to explain that) like I am litterally going crazy! And I feel like nothing can help. For an example, right now I am under so much stress it is unbelieveable. My dad past away on my sons bday this past december, I have absolutely no friends I can talk to (I have my husband but it is kind of hard for him because he does not know know nor can relate to what I am going through) have major major financial issues (in fact it is kind of hard to go to the doc to get meds cause of the cost even with insurance) and I feel that if I won the lottery tomorrow I would still be feeling the way that I feel right now. I know I will probably have to get on medication but will these feelings go away???!!!!! My physciatrist is on vacation so I can not see him till next saturday!!! So what can I do in the mean time? Right now I am scared out of my mind, it is like I can not deal with this feeling! Does anyone get where I am coming from? I am so sorry if this was confusing but if anyone can put there input please do, it would be very very much appreciated!!!! Thanks so much for listening
There are free programs in your area like your local hospital may have support groups that meet once a week for anxiety and panic. I used to go to them and they were free. I have had panic attacks since my divorce 20 years ago. I have anxiety too. Gosh, I know where you are coming from - I would get up in the middle of the night pacing the floors anxiety ridden and with panic. Worried about money, my kids, family matters you name it "I worried" - I don't use medications only because it puts a band aid on the situation - I have to fix my mind. Some people need the medication though and there is nothing wrong with that but for me I just don't like taking medication.

What has worked for me is meditation, guided imagery, researching on the internet and finding out that I am not the only one suffering from this issue. Make sure your diet consist of no caffiene, sugar or processed foods. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean meat. If you have a mp3 player download some soft music and take a walk. Exercise is excellent for anxiety. I do acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and guided imagery. I also read several self help books. Deepak chopra is my favorite. He also has excellent meditation dvd's

I know you feel like your going crazy but it does get better each day and when you finally feel good you feel even better because it is like you accomplished alot with your emotions. My thoughts spiral like to give you an example: my hair is thinning out in the front first thing I think of is "oh my gosh do I have cancer" then "oh no am I going to die" - and then I think about too much which starts my anxiety. I have to break that negative cycle and say to myself that "everything is ok and you will overcome all this" "my hair is thinning because I may have a vitamin defiency" I just can't think the worse.
hi kentucky, you have a lot overwhelming you now, that is obvious. I am not sure if you are on any prescribed meds for anxiety now or not-you did not say; or it was not clear to me. So i will simply tell you what i did that helped me. i recently lost my dad and am now losing my mom, siblings emotionally unavailable and frankly i am realizing i close myself off. i did not want to go on prescriptions and began to google natural remedies for my feelings and found the following; and 3-6 wks later am feeling better for it. noticed a difference within first 2 wks.- I am on 200 mg. (can take up to 400 mg. safely)of 5HTP and 9 grams of melatonin at night for sleep. this was key to aleviating some of the stress and "bad thoughts". I also take 300 mg, 3x a day and began pumping some anti-oxidants like elderberry ,vit.C and B-12,E. Girl, I do feel better and my mind set has changed. not sure if i am minimizing your situation or not. hope it helps. and tell yourself each day no matter what you really are thinking that "every day, in every way- i'm getting better and better."

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