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You know what the problem is? You are afraid of the fact that you always have this urge to yawn. You know why you can't stop thinking about it? It's because you keep affirming that this is something to be afraid of since you feel you need to control it. To me it sounds like OCD, something that I suffer with as well. Breathing definitely was an issue for me. Won't go into the details since i don't want to give you any ideas :).

My suggestion is to think to yourself, "So what If i yawn alllllll dayyyyy longgggg." Don't be afraid that you just might yawn all day long. Take a deep breathe. Take a thousand deep breathes. You know what, you might take deep breathes all day long. Nothing you can do about it. The more you keep telling yourself, "I want to stop yawning and deep breathing," the more it is going to keep happening and the more you will be upset that it is happening. Accept this fact that you may yawn and breathe all day. Only when this doesn't bother you, will these thoughts and your behavior change.

It's just like if you think about blinking (hate it when it happens). Nobody knows when to blink! If you keep thinking, ok now I need to blink, you will. But when you accept you dont know when to blink and shift attention, then it goes back to normal. Easy concept but hard to perform.

Good luck brother. You're not alone in the struggle. I have full confidence you can do it.


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