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Its so funny I have a lately been plagued by the same thing. I have good days and some worse.

But I'm constantly taking a deep breath throughout the day. And i feel the exact same way that my lungs are not getting filled with enough air. Sometimes I take in a deep breath and I get the good air filled feeling, but most times I'm taking in a deep breath and it feels like my lungs are just stooping short of explanding full enough to get a proper deep breathe.

Why I'm being plagued with this all of sudden I;m not exactly sure. In my heart I beleive it si some sort of anxiety even though I;m not freaking out about this. I am concerned but not have panic attacks over it.

I am getting super stressed at work, maybe that has something to do with it or maybe its real. I;m smoking alot and I think maybe I cause myself some chronic problem. Although I can still go to the gym and do a pretty vigosous cardio routine and actually I feel ok and like my lungs are better when i;m working out.

But as soon as I stop working out and just going about my regular routine I constantly feel the need to take in a deep breathe and I constantly feel that when i do take in a deep breathe, that i can't get enough air into my lungs, there by making me constantly take in deep breathe till I get that good deep breathe in. And then of course I test myself to see that I can now take in good breathes and the next attempt will be met by that same feeling as before.

Who knows it could be anxiety, it could be real. I hope its just temporary and will go away. Maybe I'm really suffering from a minor case of Bronchitis or something along those lines.

Bottom line I can totally relate to everything the two of you speak of. Only thing I can say is that i do notice when i don;t think about it as much and stop trying to take in deep breathes of air and just try to breathe throuogh my nose as normally as possible, that my symptoms to improve.

So just try to ingnore it and say to yourself that even though you feel the need to take in a big breathe just say "no" and take shallow easy breathes of air through your nose"

Good Luck!:wave:

Hi. I'm sorry to hear you have so much going on in your life right now. You mentioned among all of the other things going on, you are also going through menopause. Did you know that a few of the feelings your are experiencing right now are also symptoms of menopause...shortness of breath, anxiety, AND...experiencing "feelings of doom". The body and mind are so funny sometimes. It's like a viscious cycle..first you start getting anxiety over things going on in your life, which then makes your body start having funny symptoms like the shortness of breath, etc. Then you start to worry about why you are having the shortness of breath. Then your mind begins to fixate on the feelings of doom, "am I dying..what's wrong with me?" And pretty soon you're a complete wreck. I know because I tend to do the exact same thing!

Try to went to the doctor for your heart and you checked out fine. You're going through some tuff times right now and of course your mind and body are on overload. If you can, I'd consider taking a low dosage of anxiety medication to keep your nerves calm, and just take it day by day. People in your life need you, and you need to be strong and POSITIVE so you all can get through this. Try to think positive thoughts, laugh a little each day and keep in touch with your spiritual side. You're going to be fine :-)

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