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Hi all I am a newbie and my daughter found this site for me. Here is my story ...
2.5 years ago I had a little neckpain and visited a chiropractor. My regular chiro had retired so I found a new one. On third visit he asked me to lay face down and pressed quickly and forcefully on the back of my neck. I felt instant pain like an electric shock go from my head/neck down my arms. I was nauseous and the dizzy and very spaced. I sat up and could not continue treatment.

I went home feeling very dizzy and unwell. I awoke at 2 in the morning with the room spinning (vertigo). When I sat up it settled. Hence began sleeping sitting up (and still do to this day).

My balance system was affected and I couldn't even move my eyes without dizziness. My ear became block and I developed ringing in both ears. I had a pulse like feeling in one. I could not lay flat, could not move very far, if I closed my eyes and stood on one foot I fell over. Had to sleep with the light on (upright). I began to have fear attacks and anxiety that was out of this world. I could not handle noise (sounded way tooo loud and distorted) could not watch tv or handle bright light. My heart raced, my stomach was very painful and upset (throbbed all the time), I had hot and cold sweats very bad. I lived constantly in a state of 'brain fog' and could not think clearly. I had twitching, shaking etc etc the list goes on and on. The fear was unbelievable and my faith was all that kept me from doing something very stupid. Truly it was unbearable. Anxiety is an awful thing to live with!

Went to ENT, nothing to be seen but said position vertigo , gave me some excercises which involved tilting my head back and was worse so stopped doing them. Was check for stroke as I developed numbness in fingers and pain in right arm and shoulder, had sort of flushing feelings and face would become numb, which lasted for a few days. Became housebound but determined not to take drugs as I had been addicted to morphine once and was too afraid to do the withdrawal from drugs again.

I made gradual progress over the next 2 years but then needed surgery in Dec to remove appendix and when they tilted my back for surgery (intubation) they set it all off again.

I actually never made the connection between my neck and all other systems until recently. I paid for an MRI which showed I had suffered 3 prolapsed disks which were healing. Surgeon said not serious enough to operate on. But suggested neurologist. There are apparently nerves that run up behind C5 which can affect your temperature, anxiety/mood, sense of touch and pain along with other stuff, like balance and ears.

I began propanalol last year and it was great, but in December after I set it off again I started on this again and it was less effective. In Jan I began Prozac for depression and Lorazapam for anxiety. I'm afraid of addiction but am on a very small dose and if I don't need it I don't take it. I tried to cut out the Propanalol but the anxiety (especially sweating and heart racing, nausea) increased so have gone back on to small dose.

I'm awaiting an appointment with neurologist to see if there is anything that can be done.

My Psych Dr says sort of pain in the body can cause anxiety ... its the bodys way of telling you something is wrong (especially neck pain). Said he gets called to the hospital all the time to treat patients in the spinal unit and even those having transplants and other illnesses. When the sickness goes away so does the anxiety.

Anyhow I'm curious to hear from anyone who has had any success with alternative treatments for nerve damage in the neck. I'm contemplating acupuncture and wondered if anyone has tried that? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Sorry for the long post .... 2.5 years is a long time :)
Hi Ladylene,

I'm sorry your have been unwell for so long but can identify with so many of your symptoms. I also have the light and sound intolerance. Do you use ear plugs? I do all the time and a hat when I go outside. I can't be in the same room as the tele for long. I have just had to move out of the family room because my husband has the tele on loudly. I have the numbness in my face all the time, and lack of pain sensation. Doing this is causing the neck pain that is one of my symptoms. I also sleep sitting up due to head pain and breathing difficulties. I have found that I have a mastoid infection and have just started antibiotic treatment, however they think that only explains the head pain not the rest. Anyway it is nice to know someone is dealing with similar problems, though I'm sure you wish you weren't. I was thinking of going to a chiropractor, and wouldn't want to after your experience, but two doctors have recommended the osteopath. They are recognized by the medical profession but much gentler. I think you might wait and see what the neurologist says before you go. My brother has had success with acupuncture for a back problem. Could be also worth a try.

All the best,


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