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I have a history of anxiety - took Paxil in 2002 and Wellbutrin in 2003-2004 for anxiety. I have a tendency to take Dr. Google's worst possibility and assume I have it - so I'm freaked. Anytime I have a symptom, despite what logic tells me to do, I convince myself I have the worst possible disease I could have and then it makes my symptoms worse.

My whole life I have had a tendency to get a little minor tingle (not actual numbness) to appear in a hand or foot for a brief moment (usually just a few minutes). About a week and a half ago, it seemed to get worse for a few days and migrate - first the hands, then the feet, then the right foot (for one day I had almost shock-like sensations in my big toe) and then (as I started reading on here and elsewhere for more symptoms) it changed to more of a slight achy feeling, mostly in the right thigh, sometimes the left, and sometimes my right arm. Not really pain but that feeling you get right after you lift something very heavy and have just put it down, a bit of a muscle tightness.

I have no mobility issues, can balance on one foot with my eyes closed, no vision issues, no bowel/urinary issues, etc.

My first thought was MS or ALS - PCP seems to think not but referred me for an EEG w/a neuro - PCP said that MS symptoms don't usually "migrate" like that during the course of an attack (and most other info seems to more or less confirm that), and doesn't usually present that way, but I still worry. Also, PCP did NOT feel it was anxiety, but, she wasn't my primary Dr. when I was taking meds for it (lived in a different state then).

Despite her thoughts, I think anxiety might be getting the best of me. In fact, as soon as I looked up one symptom, I would convince myself I had something neurological, then another symptom would appear.

I had a very small bit of lower back pain Fri. night for about an hour, and do get headaches off and on (few times a month) that my Dr. thinks are migraine or tension - Motrin usually whacks them.

Was tested Sat. for B12 and thyroid, results in Monday or Tuesday.

Negative for diabetes , white cell count seems normal. My balance is the same as it was in December according to Wii Fit, for whatever that's worth.

Right now, it's mostly a charlie-horse type feeling on the back of my right thigh, and a little on my upper right thigh and upper arm, the tingling is more or less gone. Off and on through the day also had that feeling a little in the left thigh. If I sit and obsess it does seem to get worse, it lessens up when I rest or sleep. A couple times today I had a single muscle twitch, one in my arm and one in the thigh/butt area.

I did carry in a bookcase yesterday that was heavy as hell and I felt it afterwards! I also carry things the wrong way, a back issue isn't out of the question but I can't help but think anxiety might be at the root of this...
Know what I hate about these boards?

Lack of replies...and the fact that almost everyone who posts a "do I have this?" scenario NEVER comes back to update us as to what they really had!!
More detailed info:

When I called my PCP it was because of brown pigment spots on my feet (seeing a dermatologist for that). Noticed I also had some tingling in my feet and hands (from way back when) that AT THE TIME was the minor, occasional tingle I would get since my early teens.

It was only after searching online and consulting Dr. Google that I developed fear of MS. As I tried to see if I had other symptoms and did not, I found my tingling get worse. Then, I "developed" another symptom, the tight muscles in my legs and right arm, right as the tingling subsided, but as I now feared ALS, the tightness got worse and the twitching started.

I don't know whether to think I really do have MS (or something else like GBS, Lyme, etc), or whether my anxiety took a lifelong case of undiagnosed idiopathic neuropathy and magnified it, or what? Perhaps I have BFS as well...who knows?
What can we say BG77,

Deep down you know and I know that you don't have MS and you know and i know that when I tell you that I have the same syptoms as you. (the tingling over various parts of the body, on and off again and host of other symtoms you metioned), that when I say i have fely those same things, that you are going to think that I'm probably just saying it to make you feel better or that your not going to beleive that I really have the exact same symptoms as you. And that somehow your symptoms are worse or slightly different than mine and hence you have MS and I dont. (HA HA, LOL)

In all honsety bro yes I think the tingling is anxiety and honsetly I think some of it is real as well. Having mild tingling is not necessarily (And usual not) a sign of anything bad. So you have some mild tingling and lower back pain no big deal.

But you and I know that is not going to comdort you until you hear a doctor tell you that you are free of every disease that doctor Google has diagnosed you with.

Trust me bro, you don't have MS, live life be happy, make babies. Stop waisting your energy on this stuff. if you want to feel great eat healthy, get lots of fresh air and excercise your butt off, and I promise you that you will feel great.

I know it easier siad than done, but beleive me it really is as easy as it sounds, I just sure wise I could do it, but i do my best and the healthy eating and exercise which i incorportated as way of living about a year ago has been the greatest thing I've done for myself in many years.

Good Luck and let us know how your tests go.
Dr. did an EMG - said that while that doesn't "rule out" MS - it does prove that the specific tingling issues in both my hands and feet are IN the hands and feet and not further up - Dr. called it peripheral neuropathy, likely carpal and tarsal tunnel syndrome. Said EMG did prove that nerve conduction was normal further up my limbs and slightly diminished on feet and moreso on hands.

Said anxiety could be a contributor as well - wants a full neuro exam just to check things out - he does feel the muscle tightness is almost certainly anxiety, since it didn't appear until AFTER I began googling my symptoms (yes, he actually said that!)

Stated as I left (because I asked) - "you definitely do NOT have Parkinson's, and you don't really appear to me to have MS, either."
you know that could be my post (with alot of other symptoms in there that go on and on and on) and to all of us out there that truly suffer from anxiety and panic attacks every little twinge ~ or numbness ~ or headache ~ or stomach ache ~ or small moment of dizziness ~ or a slight bit of confusion ~ or a tiny twitch of one finger means instant disaster and immediate death ~ THAT IS ANXIETY ~ but knowing that and putting it into real words that apply to your situation is next to impossible ~ if i had all the money i spent on co-pays for my PCP or co-pays on my many many many CT scans and ultra sounds and MRI's and EKG's or co-pays on my ER visits i would be a wealthy woman but it doesn't matter because at that time ~ with that "new" sensation all i want is an answer and i don't care how much it costs to get it and guess what that answer always is 'ANXIETY' ~ i feel for you i truly do because only people like you and i (and the millions of others) know how devastating this condition can be ~ it is relentless ~ depressing ~ debilitating ~ infuriating ~embarrasing and sometimes just too much to take ~ i wish i had some words of wisdom for you but i don't ~ 3 years for me now and i still feel like cr__ every day ~ hopeless pretty much describes it but tommorow is another day and who knows? good luck and keep the faith ~
Symptoms are still more or less the same, here 2 weeks later. Right arm seems to be worse and worse, legs about the same.

I noticed that my arm gets better with rest, legs seem to get better with activity - I wonder if I'm dealing with 2 different issues here. I have a little pain right at the shoulder blade and it seems to increase when I extend my arm forward or use my computer and mouse...seems better when I relax it.

I fear a brain tumor, ALS, MS, stroke that I never knew I had, I dunno, I'm scared shitless. None of the "easy" explanations quite seem to make sense, as it's unlikely I'd have a "pinched nerve" in two locations (one in cervical spine and one in lumbar area is the only thing that could cause these symptoms)...although both legs are affected, it tends to be more the right side, and only my right arm. Even when I get headaches it's usually the right side of my head.

Anxiety? Perhaps...but the way my arm feels, it's different than the other symptoms. Still comes and goes throughout the day though.

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